photo gave me pause for


3 gerbils

—but we Conspiracy Nuts do that sometimes. Don’t mind us, we’re all bats (but a bit harmless).

It was a lovely shot of the GP of E at Giza. Not your usual sitting in the sun and surrounded by sand shot—

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 17.34.18.png

—this other bugger has it up to its neck in water. Brrrr.

There’s several schools of thought involved here. One was a chap who claimed that the Great Pyramid was actually some kind of ram-pump. I enjoyed this notion …


—but remain unconvinced. Another tells us the seas were four hundred feet lower when all the spare water was locked up in ice caps two miles thick over north America and Europe. For some reason they melted. (And our present ‘slight warming trend’ is unprecedented?*)

Several someone elses claim they’ve licked salt off of some of the interior walls of the GP. By now of course, you see where I’m going with this?

Oh. Yes. Without anyone having to divert seas or otherwise pump water to and through the GP of E—it could indeed be sea water that found its way in. Few things made of blocks of rocks will be all that waterproof, no?

So: let’s assume that the GP really is 223 feet above sea level, like wiki tells us—and that it really was 481 feet high—

—and that ice-ages locked up 400 feet’s worth of water—could there not have been hot-ages when the converse was true?

Would that have been enough to lap the seas around the GP of E if it were a bit older than given credit for? Could that be a semi-reasonable explanation for all those salty encrustations within (if true)?


Okay. You’ve got this far, you’re good. Good enough to not forget that heavier-than-air flying was preposterously impossible once. And space travel of any kind likewise (‘cos in space there’s nothing for a rocket to push against); and the very smallest part that anything could be reduced to was the unsplitable atom …


I love the idea that the GP of E might be a bit older than it looks.

I still have no idea how ‘they’ built it but sadly am a bit agnostic where space aliens are concerned.

Dammit, I’ll have to stop looking at photos …


* Man, is that ever a porkie! But it made some folks a few bucks …


One thought on “SOMEONE’S WEBBIE

  1. Maybe they built them when the water was deeper ( higher) in the area. It is far easier to put heavy blocks together in the water is you can use buoyancy somehow. Then the water recedes and you have super high buildings sitting in sand. Hugs

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