OF GOD~!dodo

Dammit, I’m more concerned about the death of the English language. You know, the staff of life of our communication.


evolution exists and itself must evolve; and with it the tools of commerce. But do we have to accept degradation as progress? What say you, Snowflake? (Oops … them snowflakes is the last guys I should arks.)

I began to be interested in the topic after conversations with several Atheists who make the claim that Moses isn’t real …

Of course Moses ain’t real. If he ever were, he’d be awesomely deceased right now—not even a blob of goo, I imagine, after all these years.

when presented with contrary evidence, the atheist scholar indicates that they will only accept ‘unbiased’ work, which means they will only accept a historical thesis by a none Abrahamic believer …

Okaaaaaay … they indicates that they like some bits of words to agrees with other bits, yer no? fair enough to, that’s the weigh it’s going—but surely that ‘none’ is one e too far?

And Ol’ Philip Augustine is going for a doctorate? Wow …


Why not—even doctors need know their subject, which he probably does; and writing is merely a means of display (of communication too, once …).

It’s natural that the secular scholar will not actively search for a result that contradicts their beliefs, but expects scholars of faith to do so.

Oops. I must be the exemption that proves the rule*. But this modern disregard of grammatical number greats my sensitivit  sensibili  feelings. It triggers the troll in me.

Where’s the evidence? Now, this isn’t a philosophical discussion that relies on the metaphysical like the discussion whether there is a supreme being or not. The thesis being discussed is whether Moses was a living breathing actor…

Bugger. The Spouse just called through, are we going to town or not? So sadly ol’ Phil is off the hook. I’ll go to town with the missus and shan’t address the collapse of midden edjucation no more, my hart is two full.


* See? I can do it too … but I do it knowingly. (Not that I’d call anyone working for a doctorate unknowing. Tut!)



6 thoughts on “ENOUGH ON THE DEATH

    1. Deleted your comment—rather than met it head on with clever, concise, accurate criticisms?

      I like it. He’d have been good with a stake and box of matches too—I think perhaps he was born out of his time, then.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. He leaves out the bit about such discussion being entirely him transmitting and everyone else set to ‘receive’. No?


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