After reading this—dodo

“What happens should nuclear war occur is a total unknown, he said.

It would almost certainly result in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of deaths, with devastation on an unprecedented scale …”

sourced:  CLICK HERE 


—one might ask

  • how bad were the ice ages
  • and the asteroidal impacts that created them?
  • Created? Or remediated?

Bugger … I need more coffee.

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5 thoughts on “OH, REALLY?

  1. Sounds like the cold war we had, having bomb drills under our school desks – haha.
    Here’s a question for you. How come with all the NATO and Russian military exercises that went on in Europe, no accidents occurred. Yet – in the past couple of months, the Pacific has lost troops off Australia, Hawaii, and 2 ship crashes right next to Asia?


    1. Possibly in all cases there were common factors~? I haven’t been following but just yesterday happened across a newspaper article that I cut but haven’t yet read, it seems about trying to ‘privatise’ warfare (and make the US government less responsible?) by sub-contracting to professionals like Blackwater and its ilk.

      I’ll read it, do some thinking and post my thoughts soon. Would that (BW) notion be at all relevant? A figure of six hundred dollars US a day for the basic grunt certainly sounds attractive …

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      1. It’s been done before but to me the idea is repulsive. And by ‘the law of self’ I imagine that the US (and anyone else that meets criteria) armed forces would find themselves losing a lot of talent chasing the Bigger Buck.

        And to mix metaphors, for the governments involved in the hiring “the buck stops here” (regardless of lawyers).

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