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—I blame Al Gore. And in New Zealand, the ‘Green Party’* .

We had lots of polar bears until Al started invoking them, and by the time the Greens had finished shrieking and wailing too there were only about seven left.

So if the news item (Siberia—isn’t that in Russia somewhere? Then there’s no need to panic—them Russkies would say anything to get attention) is reliable then that last bear had better be damned careful …


* Politicals, a noisy bunch of wannabe-seated-at-the-Public-Trough wishfuls.

4 thoughts on “DAMN~!

  1. What? More than seven? The Greens lied to u— oh, I get it, hyperbole to make a point … so we aren’t really running out of bears at all? Phew! (Al, please be more careful—you had me worried …)


      1. As far as I know, he has 2 homes in TN, one in VA and this one in CA (bought for 9 million in 2010)
        Also happened upon a site that estimates his worth at $176,375,049.


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