In earlier years we had characters like Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Space Kingley, and more recently herds of newbies like Han Solo. All good clean fun, safely in the realms of fiction.


and did fly about in space, talk face-to face over huge distances and zap each other with ray guns.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 09.24.38.png


we have exited the world of fiction. Or have we entered it? For your fiendly fiction now manifest—




—coming soon to the seas near you. Now ponder all possible meanings of that most expressive of words:  Eeek!


It’s all progress. Of a sort …



… finding new and ever more better ways to kill each other. There’s no shortage of imagery on the web of the USN’s wee ray gun being demonstrated—it will only ever be used for defensive purposes of course, likewise all the others once the US has proven the concept …




9 thoughts on “FICTION MADE

  1. Aaaah … but does it work through fog? Can we see mirror-coated ‘targets’ reflecting hostility back to source? Forward projecting smokescreens? (Not to conceal, to blur out the beams)


    1. Still do, I understand—oodles of batteries, and of course generators to charge ’em. But they will get bigger/small/better and more affordable until everyone has one.

      Not really new anyway, I think it was Archimedes at Syracuse credited with destroying an invasion fleet with a ‘composite’ ray gun …

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      1. Damned cynic … I’ll bet you don’t even believe in Geesus either … but why ruin a good story with facts?

        But I like the logic—form all the polished shields into a parabolic curve (think each shield as a tile in a wall) and scupper the fleet. (Hell, I’ll bet you don’t even believe in ‘Greek fire’ neither~!) (?)

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      2. Oh, I have no doubt something happened, some experiments and fun melting Barbies, but the sinking of the enemy fleet?

        Another destination for my Time Machine… when I build it.

        Quick: you have a Time Machine, but you can only go to three historic events/times. What three would you choose?


      3. The Crucifixion would be one of ’em.

        The Creation would be another.

        The closing of the book would be the third—but I think it would take a fair while (I can wait).


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