capture12-1Dumb question, no?

Then try this on for size—

“…Warnings that North Korea may soon encounter its worst food shortages in decades raise three interconnected questions for the rest of the world. The first is what those other nations can do to alleviate suffering in North Korea. The second addresses the strategic dimension of assistance, or the degree to which any aid affects, or more specifically undercuts, international efforts to force North Korea to honor its international obligations and quit threatening the peace in Northeast Asia. The third concerns the morality of linking the two — the humanitarian dimension and the security problem. In an authoritarian state like North Korea, is it right to make the public suffer for decisions for which it has no input and when its government seems indifferent to the hardships that it imposes on them and which it does not share?…”

—and tell me whether it is to be believed, disbelieved, and/or or if it is American (sourced) propaganda?


tell me what should be done.


explain why ‘we’ should be doing anything?


that if ‘we’ send any assistance—food, technical, educational or financial …

… it will be ungraciously impounded at the border by arrogant pugnacious thugs who will promptly exchange the labels “Supplied with lots of love and kisses by Uncle Sam” with labels reading “Supplied by your ever-loving Great Leader“. Been done before, I’ve been told (but I don’t believe it—nobody could be that monstrous)* .

The quote was sourced from Japan (CLICK HERE). The source discusses some of the options but overlooks the most important consideration of all—that sometimes folks will bite the hand that feeds them. Not good.

Meanwhile, an old maxim …


—old, but still a goodie.

And apparently those starving folks** can now toss a nuke from home turf right across the Pacific into mainland America. A truly interesting allocation of  ‘scarce’ resources …




*  Not bloody much …

** Guns, two. Butter, nil.        ….         (A ‘win’ by default?)

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