I forget who said it but it’s as valid today as when he said it—




—and methinks the wee fellow had a point. So now cast your eyes upon these sinners who didn’t obey a direct order—

“… on August 15, Command Task Force made a signal, “Cease Hostilities against Japan.” Gambia was under attack by Japanese aircraft at the time that the ceasefire was announced …. While the cease-fire signal was still flying, Spitfires were overhead engaging a Japanese aircraft. The latter dropped a bomb, which fell into the sea between HMS Indefatigable and Gambia. The enemy aircraft was shot down by the Spitfires, a part of it falling on board Gambia. No further enemy air attacks were made, but several snoopers were shot down by patrolling aircraft out of sight of the fleet, which retired to await events …”

to read more from source: CLICK HERE 

Ooooooh … naughty! We should tell on them? Dammit, they’ll upset the Snowflakes … or was it simply that ol’ survival instinct kicking in? Could shooting down an aircraft in time of peace be a war-crime?


Don’t ask me—I’m just a dum’ dog.

And if the ship in the pic above looks a bit less than glamorous, that could be because the scruffy bucket had recently been busy.

And bear in mind: there’s no ladies in that thing.

AND they had a goodly slug of real rum issued every day, and (eeek) access to beer. Sin~!

As someone pointed out in a kiwi blog recently, sailors used to go to sea in mess-decks. Today it’s cabins. All good clean fun … I wandered through the modern HMNZS Otago not long ago and found it to be most comfy and egalitarian, with officers pitching in to ‘load ship’ and all very matey indeed. Where the ‘old’ navy used to have steel and stuff this was frilly curtains. Nice. Sweet, even.

But then, I’m ‘old navy’—

—I understand they load the guns from the other end these days?*.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 21.31.50

Old navy … Yank navy, not ours. How would ours have performed?**

As for the USS Liberty above—a vivid example of what can be accomplished with ‘good order and naval discipline’.

What say you, Snowflakes?




*    But the bang still comes out the same place.

** Yes, it is scruffy. You’d think the skipper would have had a bit more pride …

4 thoughts on “GOOD ORDER, AND

  1. why do you need women to make things spiffy. Get that queer eye for straight ships out there and show them how it is done. 🙂 I was in the U.S. Navy for a year. Apparently you are not supposed to puke on the captain. He did recommend me for the Air Force academy, but that was just because I was good at what I was doing for him… :). I was an operational specialist and worked in the CIC. Hugs


    1. I like women to be feminine, soft-and-fluffy. But that could be just me, yer basic romantic. I am not turned on by ladies who can arm-wrestle me for the next beers (or have more facial hair).

      When push comes to shove—either the women will become men in all respects (save one) or the small-ship navy will cease to be a navy.
      Big ships could well accommodate all but I don’t see extended sea-time ‘mixed crews’ working in small ships.

      When New Zealand opened up previous male domains in the armed forces I asked a couple of disgruntled army warrant officers how they felt about it—one was diplomatically non-commital, the other bluntly stated that “women are good for about three days in the field and then they turn to shit” (his words, not mine).
      Perhaps things are different these days …


      1. Hello Argus. They are different, most of the people in the military grew up about gender. They have redesigned subs even that females take tours on. There should be no field in the military that is gender specific. I was in an open barracks in Germany when I was in. Males and females in the same barracks sharing the same bathrooms. No problem, the toilets were all stalls, the showers were single person locking doors, and we had no problems as we were all adults. Hugs


      2. Some time ago I read statistics on rape in the US armed forces. Quite a hotbed of activity, some seventy rapes per day. It would be interesting reading if I could be bothered again …


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