pcyielding place to new …

It sure does, Bub—

—and coming soon to your country near you. Enjoy~! (Just 5 and a bit minutes.)




voted for them.

“But,” I hear you squawk, “but I did the very best I could with what I’ve got!”

Fair enough too, so your conscience is clear, no?

Mine isn’t.

I chose the easy way—to post an occasional slightly critical obscure unnoticed little blog with wee saccharine updates now and then. A bit (okay, a lot) like those academics in England writing about the first blasted cuckoos of springtime when Hitler was rampaging across Europe—

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, little Virginia?

“Sir—you’re validated Godwin’s Law again.”

“Shush, Child. No-one will ever notice …”

—when I should be storming the doors of Parliament with an electric cattle prod in one hand and a written-in-words-of no-more-than two-syllables definition of Fourth Generation Warfare in the other.


if you got this far without watching the less than six minutes video above, here it is again, only this time invest those few blasted minutes dammit—

—or not. But whatever happens to you, your families, downlines, children, shopping malls, pork roasts, pet dogs, tax dollars in future—


—and if you are kept awake by the sound of hundreds of thousands of dead soldiers spinning in their graves … what the hell, don’t fret—they’re all ancient history.




  1. The narrator, who sounds like a bloody kid, definitely has some valid points. However, he included the ( what I consider) fatal mistake to his argument by using the phrase ”… the rest of White Europe” towards the end of this video, 5:10, thus marking him out to be nothing but a racist little shit.
    Sorry, Argus, I have no time for such petulant arseholes.


    1. Adenoids to the fore—but what of the message?

      As for racism—many people are a tad enthusiastic and less concerned with being PC.
      For myself I see where the wee snot is coming from. He’s frightened.
      And he uses broad-brush labels (were all Germans ‘filthy Nazi Huns’? Possibly not but they all got bombed shitless anyway—damned racist allied pilots …)

      Don’t apologise. Ol’ Argie doesn’t want to watch Islam take over Europe, turn all the failing great cathedrals into active mosques, and institute universal ‘Sharia Law’—the racist little shit guy is, I guess, coming from the heart and using whatever labels he can. Perhaps the product of modern education?

      I am not racist myself.
      I am, however, beliefest.

      I also used to believe in the concept of ‘religious freedom’, but no longer. I am now self-confessed anti-religion (although I still hold soft spots for some parts of some belief systems—some of those Ten Commandments ring my bell, for example).


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