Really … I mean it:


As a self-confessed Conspiracy Theorist (working toward my First Class badge) I ask any educated non-CT person to help me out here:  my high school physics and maths and stuff entirely agree with what these deluded gentlemen are stating—

—but I’m incapable of refuting in any way. Surely they can’t be right?( If they are they open many truly horrible doors …) (brrrr.)

Dammit, as someone who actually does trust (nay, worships~!) his betters I admit that I need help. Otherwise I might lose faith, and that would be terrible.

I mean, would that nice Mr Bush and his minions lie to us? Fibs and porkies from Highest Office? (Naaaaa …)

Can you please help me, educated and clever people?

Where lie the flaws in this … this … unpatriotic rubbish they keep habbling at us?




So I need help, that’s what~!


buitre162 buitre162 buitre162 buitre162 buitre162



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