buitre162I’M GOING

wrong? No wonder I have so few viewers …

Poe’s Law, wiki:  CLICK HERE 


John Zande’s work as advertised on Amazon and whilst there blitzed the reviews, happening across Poe’s Law in the course thereof. It was new to me …

If I’m not mistaken it literally means that folks will take you seriously unless you grab them by the shoulders with a hearty shake, look them right in the eye, and bellow the magic words—



with a big cheesy grin for emphasis. Smilies, winkies, etc must be scattered with rapturous abandonment throughout any text lest thee be mistook and so tooken a bit serious like. (And I thought context should be enough) …


be advised: that mostly anything I write is not intended to offend. My major dread is of offending some poor innocent


by accident. (Usually if I offend it is because I intend to offend and my customer is expected to have the nous to gauge the difference.)


by way of warning (a bit like putting the words “Achtung! Contents may be hot!” on a coffee cup) (redundant here in Southland anyway—they don’t know how to make coffee hot) I usually introduce anything that might upset the sensitive, the squeamish, the Politically Correct and any other blasted Snowflake with one of these—

not PC 2

(or similar) somewhere near the point of relevance. If this is your own good self, be warned:



—linger at your peril and try not to fall off the edge of the world on your way out.



14 thoughts on “IS THIS WHERE

  1. You can easily get more readers by working at it. Go on the Reader page and type into the Tags different topics that interest you. You go to their sites first. After a while word of mouth just might take over. Just by posting as one of Billions of blogs out there won’t work. Let them know you’re here!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As far as I can tell clicking on my avatar takes us to where we can select from four of my blogs. I’ll see in depth what I can do—and thanks again for the ‘heads up’~!


    2. Just spent a fair while in my Gravatar page, and as far as I can tell clicking on my Gravatar image (in general usage) should bring up a selection of five of my blogs. It does for me …

      Please advise if still not working—I may just clear the whole thing; and if I can, start afresh …


      1. Nope. Still buggered up.
        I click on the dog in the drop down and we go to the independantsguide,
        Same story if I click on the title Argus.


  2. Sorry, Argus, got called away by a client.

    Okay…. It works. Sort of., but I reckon nothing has changed from before.

    If I use the drop down it takes me to the blank independent page. Cannot get to your blog/s.

    Clicking on your Gravitar image on the actual blog you have commented on takes me to the page

    Cannot access your Cassandric blog directly from your Gravitar.

    Maybe ask John if it works in a similar fashion for him?


    1. It seems the best I can do is reduce my offerings (on Gravatar) to just two, so I’m trying that.

      I don’t understand because it seems to be working well, when I use it. I click on my Dog Gravatar image, it takes me to the Gravatar site, where the two offerings are visible — and clicking on either of them takes me to that particular blog. (Just tried it again, and for me it works … perhaps I’ve offended someone and have been restricted to playing by myself, almost, without knowing it?).

      Thanks for all the help but please don’t spend more time on it, I’ll just continue as I have been. 🙂 🙂


      1. Maybe it’s me?As I said, ask John Z. And maybe if it’s happening with him also he’s might be more savvy on how to correct it? I am utterly useless on the tech side.

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