Should one really jail a Muslim priest, for behaving like a Catholic priest?

Or is this one tiny step for man, one giant leap for (hu)mankind?

Read on and be enlightened … after which you should wonder why the hell ol’ Argus posted this one*~?

Catholic priest in drag?.png

(the pic is the link, if you want the source)

And this in Wales, where a shopkeeper was threatened by police heavies with gaol for displaying tee-shirts in his window emblazoned with words (to the effect of) “If you don’t like it here, feel free to leave”


up. No Muslim would abuse little girls, despite the carte blanche given by the Holey Koran. Sorry, I just can’t believe it …


contribute to the case I’m considering putting forward for his retrial acquittal? Just empty your wallets into my kennel—all donations gratefully accepted. And I’ll be asking for the circumstances of the Australian Cardinal Pell to be re-examined too: how many times does it have to be said, that ‘holy men are holy‘ (and thus answerable only to God, so there).



* Ol’ Argus posted this one for equality, the Islamist’s Holy Book allows (condones~!) such behaviour. Catholic priests and things should be allowed equal diplomatic immunity…






16 thoughts on “END OF THE WORLD

  1. Oops, I goofed. The pic isn’t the link—the blue bit is. Silly moi (I blame the mix-up as an act of an infuriated and vengeful God) (lucky for me He’s fresh out of fire and brimstone …


    1. Ark:
      I was gonna post that link too but overlooked it. However, no matter how many get busted for being naughty it won’t make any difference … gods move in mysterious ways; and the ultimate escape clause is that He is all forgiveness (and if He is, who the hell are we to condemn?).


  2. Seems any time god is represented by mankind anywhere the topic of sex comes up, especially when children are present. Every single holy book seems really concerned about your naughty bits. Wierd the all god of all this has time and energy to spend on setting up situations for horny holy leaders to get sex and laid, but at the same time try to prevent the sheep… er followers for getting any enjoyment at all out of the sex thing. It is like a big secret they want to keep for themselves? Hugs

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    1. Food, clothing, shelter, sex. The basic drives—control any of these in your population and you are strong.
      Control all of them and effectively you are God.

      Ol’ Mo was of a more primitive age than us but his grasp of human nature was pure genius … as Islam spreads so the lights go out, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, suburb by suburb, city by city:


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      1. Gays and acceptance vary with time and place. (As I mentioned in one of my (unread) books, in ancient Greece homosexuality was actually encouraged in the ranks—the warrior in the phalanx fought all the more ferociously if his lover next him were at risk.)

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      2. Yes I have read that. Well it is not too far removed in today’s military, you want to see a queen fight, have someone make a move on his man. 🙂 Hugs


    1. Hee hoo time again, no? Hee hoo alleges must prove—but ‘cos all the principals are deceased it’s not gonna be easy for the folks who made the allegations do any proving.

      Not, of course, unless ol’ God gives them a special dispensation to take a visit down to Earth and put us right …

      “Mr Argus, Sir?
      “Yes, Little Virginia?”
      “Sir … didn’t He already do that, when He sent His beloved down here to be nailed up?”

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    2. Only a pedo by our laws and standards … by theirs, he’s right up with the play. Islam has it’s own laws, and as always ‘might makes right’. Hence the creeping sickness infecting the west west now—a ‘sharia law’ zone anywhere is where the local balance of power has shifted from the Law of the land to the increasing power that is the local Islam. Not good … and Islamists are allowed to be ‘pedos’ …

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      1. Aren’t the ‘laws’ (edicts?) handed down by imans, and vary from place to place?

        This is Iran’s big guy, Ayatollah Khomeini, on the matter.

        “Whoever has a wife under nine years old cannot penetrate her, whether she is his permanent wife or his temporary wife. But other forms of sexual pleasure are allowed, such as lustful touching, embracing, or rubbing the penis on the thigh of the girl, even if she is an infant still. And if the baby’s vagina is so badly damaged that the bladder and urethra “become the same”.he penetrates her before she is nine year old, and her hymen is not broken, he has only sinned, and if he has only sinned, but if he has, then she will be forbidden to him forever, and [he has to pay for her her entire life”


        What a lovely chap.

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      2. “Mr Argus—Sir?”
        “Yes, Little Virginia?”
        “Sir … how come Mr Zande’s reply isn’t made more widely known?”
        ‘Eek… hush, Child—you’ll be getting him a bad name in high places …”


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