ya dum’ bugger!

Before it’s too late.

Actually, it may already be too late ….

Victoria Police charge Cardinal George Pell

Posted Thu at 12:41pm

Thu 29 Jun 2017, 12:41pm

Cardinal George Pell is charged with multiple counts of historical child sexual assault offences.

Source: ABC News | Duration: 2min 43sec

For source of the above: CLICKETH HERETH

—although it may yet be too early to judge not; and most likely too late to get him off the hook. Troller

Had he converted earlier, he’d have lost his rank and status (and paltry ‘widow’s mites’) but in Islam one is allowed (encouraged by holy law) to abuse little girls.

It’s all legal, so make the swap right now and go get ’em, your Cardinalship!

“Mr Argus, Sir—”

“Yes, little Ollivia?”

“Is a cardinal what they are speaking of when they refer to a Prince of the Church?”

“I don’t know, little girl—”

“So perhaps little girls should ‘put not their trust in princes‘?’



Damn! As a Prince Of Peace I resemble that remark!


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