pcto ‘blow’


dollars of your trusting flock’s hard-earned scrimpings and savings, donations, earnings, tithings and blackmailings?

Don’t ask me. I’m just a dum ol’ dog …

Saying he has “been to hell and back,” the former president of one of the nation’s best-known Pentecostal churches is in San Francisco this week seeking forgiveness for his role in a huge evangelical investment scam that could cost his flock some $15 million.

The Rev. Paul Risser, the disgraced leader of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, appeared to receive that forgiveness Wednesday, as nearly 3,000 church members stood in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel to salute him with rousing choruses of “Amazing Grace.”

The weeklong annual convention of the 4 million-member church had been scheduled long before Risser’s March 10 resignation as head of the Los Angeles- based denomination.


Classic Ponzi scheme is how the ‘investments’ were described. Apparently this poverty-ridden order of mendicants wasn’t the only one, other sacred-holy-divinely inspired etc etc churches lost a few oodles too.


As a cynical agnostic atheist of the First Rank (four stars) I have to ask: “What the hell was God thinking when She let them do this?” Considering that no religious nutcase leader makes such a move without consulting God first, and considering that The Great God Almighty who is omniscient(!) didn’t intervene on behalf of the dupes His flock?

devil-1A bit of a toughie that stumps even me …

… unless of course* it was all part of the Divine Plan. Brrr. Moving on …

The Hilton? Wow … that sure beats congregating on the banks of the local lake or seafront; and I’ll bet the bill of fare was more than one crust and half a fish each.

THIS CASE reminds me of the old sayings “Easy come—easy go” and “Don’t fret, it was only money” … you know, money, the root of all evil (in which case the wee scamp did them a favour by getting rid of the disgusting stuff.)

Now: for his next act of Christian charity, I know an old dog down in New Zealand who wouldn’t be too proud to dispose of the next fifteen million … for free, no questions asked.










* It was, indisputably so, no?



7 thoughts on “IS IT A SIN?

    1. I think (still not sure) that for the first time ever I have been banned~?
      A religious nut in the US, named ‘Mel’, of the Foursquare church. I don’t think he can stand the heat so I’ve been tossed out of his fire … I apologised for my disrespect and continue in my own blog. Someone (I think it was Ark? Ol’ dog getting forgetfuller now) suggested we go there for a laugh so I did, and got raptured …


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