millionaire (especially back when a million was a lot more than it is today).

So by my own admission I have to admire not only the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Spielberg, Connolley, Trump etc types but also the confidence tricksters I hold in contempt.


there couldn’t possibly be any new angle (think ‘take’) on the ‘religion of Christ’ you bump into new takes. Successful ones (not all are)(Kool-Aid-and-cyanide, anybody?).


intruding into a guy’s blog and discovering that my approach to his idiocy religion wasn’t welcome I was going to let it all drop, until someone came up with a few whisker-tweakers that tweaked—

(a) my curiosity, and

(b) my sense of the ridiculous.


briefly: At the insistence of a friend I attended ‘Jesus 78‘ in Auckland. Reverend Clark-Taylor from Australia (he was good!). But I got horribly nudged when …


delivered a brilliant performance and had just called for volunteers from the herds to “Come on down the front and meet Jesus”

It was late twilight. Mini-searchlights came on then locked onto a most beautiful long-haired blonde damsel clad neck to foot in so graceful a clinging diaphanous white nightie it was screamingly sexy … and held her as she slowly led two cherubic little children (boy and girl, a matching set) along the carpeted path sloping down to the stage.

(SFX:  insert loud gasps—heavy on the awe—here, please)

To say it was all theatrically perfect would be a masterpiece of understatement.

Anyway, my point being that had she been an old bat of the heavily overweight battleaxe sort … naaaaah.

Then recently—

a one.png

I came across this. Note the ethereal smile, the eyes into the distance, the ever so subtle ‘halo’ effect, and how everything about the shot suggests ‘angelic’.


Bearing these thoughts in mind, have a beak at these—

a two.png

—and just try to tell me that the window hasn’t been dressed a bit. Quite a bit. A lot.

Hey: ya gotta be subtle.

Blatant cuts it only when deliberate, but if dealing with all the ‘purity’ clichés in one foul swoop it never hurts to underestimate your audience market. The rubes will suck up all the stuff like this they can get and still pant for more.

a three.png

Make it slinky. Sex appeal appeals more to the deprived than the depraved, so give it ’em good. Never forget to make sure that one knee is slightly advanced (it emphasises the thrust of the hips and adds flow to the curves—which brings the punters in for more, and more. (As the wee harlot said to the bishop: “This is a business? Ya got it, ya sell it … ya still got it!” And so the stage is further dressed.)

Sex sells. Sex sells especially when denied, as exhorting folks to be ‘pure’. No?


abounds. Conditioned reflexes are triggered among the receptive and if properly applied will have them reaching for their wallets in no time.

Like this open-handed (palms uppermost) smiling gesture—“Look at me, I am your friend … no weapons, nothing to hide but everything for you to take—if you’ll just stop resisting and come into my arms~!”

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 17.49.09.png

Yeah, sure.

But wait, it gets better; the lady offers the below gently, as a way of explaining why she is displaying her wares in so modest a fashion—

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 17.54.40.png

—and given enough cheery followers emptying their wallets into the collection trays sacks carts will finally be able to commission a modest ‘dwelling of The Lord’ and so reach serve larger and ever larger flocks …

a modest wee chapel.png

… across greater distances to spread the Holy Word (complete with return address for any paltry donations).

the crux of the matter.png

My advice for anyone contemplating starting up their own religious franchise, or even a whole new religion:



AND you will need what business folks refer to coyly as a USP. (A Unique Selling Point.)

It will be better if you can (as this lady did) invoke previous conceptions (all the haloes and stuff) and the unspoken promise of sex.

Do it coyly enough, with class, and even the wimmin will come on board. Trust me on this one … and if (horrors!) I’m called on to prove it I need go no further than to offer our role model:


—and be advised:  Yea, even though she be deceased …

… the Lady isn’t dead.


… bugger …


image below from Google.

I remembered that Alec Sanders used his once-foxy missus as bait—and here she is—


—was. Sanders is the head honcho in the supplicant position. But—

—ever seen that gesture before?




2 thoughts on “MY ADMIRATION IS

    1. It survives by kids not being taught to think.
      And as the Civil War general said: “Battles are won by whoever gets there firstest with the mostest” … (and of course we all know that famous Jesuit quotation involving little boys).

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