and quite irrelevant.

Just as well, too …

Or not—view these snaps and you’ll understand why, they’ll show just how far we’ve come since then:


—I don’t recall that they had any places set up on these beaches where the guys could sit down, towel off, have a hot java and change their socks? These were definitely unhealthy working conditions and with no consideration at all for the employees. Not good.

But wait—it gets worse:


this is undeniably racist ridicule of a minority and the inappropriate misappropriation/denigration of Native American culture.

At the very least United Nations should step in, send a very strongly worded letter of censure to the Pentagon and get these troopers severely disciplined. This is NOT the sort of behaviour (by obviously insensitive thugs) to be tolerated. It should be roundly condemned. Let us see no more repetitions.

At the very least official letters of apology should be sent to the victims.


And here, to further illustrate the points—sleeping on a beach is all very well and good in summer … but in June (even fully clothed) should never be tolerated in a free country. This man’s employers should get a visit from the Department Of Health & Safety, and quickly.

And look at the uncaring manner in which those rifles have been negligently downed—there’s a chance of a blocked barrel or sand in the mechanisms, which  could lead to malfunctions (if I have to spell it out—skinned knuckles and improper language).

And look further: nobody involved in any of these photos is wearing ear-protection against acoustic hazards. Totally unacceptable in the workplace, I tell you!


of ‘Health and Safety in the workplace’ issues. No wonder so many troopers went off needlessly sick.


we came in—


—going for a wee jolly trip around the bay at taxpayer expense is all well and good, but once again nobody in this shot seems to be wearing a lifejacket …

However it’s good to see that they are taking Health And Safety seriously wrt head protection—but are there quick-release mechanisms on those hats?  What happens if (God forbid~!) they were to get tossed out by a freak wave or accident? Wouldn’t the weight of their helmets and other accoutrements make swimming a bit difficult?

Is their helmsman fully certified to current standards, and are his tickets up to date? Has anyone checked all relevant documentation before boarding? Are his charts accurate and guaranteed in-date, certified as such? Has he been tested for drugs and alcohol? Did he get a good night’s sleep before coming to work?

Does that craft have a current Warrant Of Fitness, issued by a Government-approved licensing authority?

Some of the passengers are carrying rifles—were they checked before boarding to make sure that none of them are loaded, and all safeties applied?

Again I must mention about the dry socks—it is unhealthy for any employee to sit around all day in wet socks and totally unacceptable for any employer to expect his her their employees to do so.





—or do I have to spell it out?


and I am grateful to the UK’s ‘Daily Mail‘ news outlet for publishing that article and snaps. Excellent artwork on the part of the restorer/colourist.

This post on behalf of the Offices of Public Good …

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2 thoughts on “D-DAY

  1. Anniversary of D-day, I imagine doesn’t/didn’t/won’t mean much to snowflakes.

    Neither will the topic of my next post—which face it, should be compulsory reading not only for snowflakes but for anyone who believes the ordure emanating from the American Establishment orifices of The Pentagon, White House, Hollywood …

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