the theme of pc


who, let’s face it, are the up-and-coming force. No apologies, Snowflake, you are indeed a Force to be considered. Proud?


that the excuse for anti-Free Speech behaviours is your infantile need to rail against whatever currently upsets your little toy box—today’s fad, for example, is ‘prejudice’.

So anyone exhibiting a ‘prejudice’ (as defined by you) is your target—and you crawl out of your stool* to attack anyone you outnumber. It’s good to see that you aren’t prejudiced where females are concerned—equality gets no fairer than this …


is something I intended to post years ago but I never posted it. I’d be interested if any Snowflake would take me up on it?**

It began with racial prejudice but drifted off topic a bit—



Query: is racial prejudice—

(a)  as good as

(b)  slightly worse than

(c)  better than

—religious prejudice?

—location prejudice?

—age prejudice?

—global warming prejudice?

—fiction prejudice?

The list of available prejudices is possibly longer than the list of people available to indulge them. (Thankfully some folks can accommodate many prejudices).


when all else fails try to enforce their goodwill at the point of a gun, and by law compel everyone to be ‘prejudice-free’. Should it be done? Perhaps, if that’s what it would take to get Snowfla  people who are newcomers (to morality, justice, and thought) to actually think.


It cannot be done, except by force … and force would simply drive prejudices underground where they’d fester. Prejudices can come from within as the result of experiences; they are the lifetime distillations of experiences measured against internal standards—which means, Snowflake, ‘If you see someone doing things YOU consider bad, you become prejudiced against them’***. Or, they can be inculcated by folks out to further their ends at your expense.

Bovine-excrement-meter-animation.gifThe real ‘bad’ here is if/when you suspend your own critical faculties and religiously accept other peoples’ words instead of verifying for yourself. Not good. Invest in one of these, Snowflake (and USE the bugger)—


to values. Values mean judgement. Judgement means comparisons. But you cannot compare/judge without facts. You could always of course do as your betters command and simply take their word for it: which you do, Snowflake. You wouldn’t be a Snowflake if you were capable of reason, would you? (Oops, 500 words, quite enough for now…)


gunnoob.gif* A pun, Snowflake. If too subtle for you, go look it up. If you are a Newbie at thinking … I can wait.

** Courage in numbers, you’ll have to wait for reinforcements, Snowflake.

*** Judge not lest thou be judged, no? Wrong, Snowflake! You must judge, your very survival depends on it. (Suppose you wanted to beat up some tiny objectivist bitch indoctrinating a class full  of victims with ‘Free Speech’ rubbish, and found that she outnumbered you, hmmm?)

6 thoughts on “MORON

    1. It’s an unofficial ‘anti-freedom’ movement springing up, especially in the ‘halls of learning’.
      The idea is simple enough, if someone says something you disagree with you shout them down—or even better, clobber them.
      Sadly it works …

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      1. I thought you were referring to the recent news about that small woman of Palestinian descent ( she was english ) who was arguing with the knuckle dragger from the EDL. Talk about snowflakes, the big bad bigots cried they were the victims of the horrible brown girl. Yuck. Hugs

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  1. In the long run we shall see what we shall see.

    Myself, I live in a dream world where everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and to air it—so long as they don’t infringe upon the Rights of others.
    Infringing requires force, and the first to use force, violence, or the credible threat thereof reveals itself.

    I fear, more than anything else, irrationality—the blind brute.

    The irrational cannot be reasoned with be they Islamic or Crusader. But the Human Rights enshrined in the British Way Of Life are under threat—the UK is being colonised, piecemeal, by nice gentle peaceful compassionate and merciful folks who’d never dream of harming anyone, ever … not unless those folks cast asparagus upon the name of Allah, in which case they are fair game for a good flogging*, stoning, head lopping or something a little more inventive.
    And such is not only allowable in Islam, it is a sacred duty and actually demanded.

    I see a clash of cultures coming …

    * I wonder how that guy who was sentenced to a 1000 lashes got on? But don’t fret, a mercy was allowed so he was given it just fifty lashes at a time, every Friday, for twenty weeks.
    A wee spanking every Friday for five months, that’ll teach the sod … no?

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