an image, no matter how effective in it’s intended Primary mode, can raise questions of a secondary nature. No? Here, a courageous cutie is quoted as stepping between an irate thug and his victim—


—which is all very brave, commendable, desirable, admirable,  laudable and other such stuff.

Lovely smile …

And the shot achieves its ends—

a)  mindless (Christian?) EDL thug   =   NIL

b)  courageous Islamic cutie               =   WIN



  • would she get away with doing this in a ‘true’ Islamic country?
  • Would she live (beyond possibly milliseconds*) if she tried stepping between the chief head-lopper-offer of Mecca and a ‘sinner’?
  • Would she survive repeating the act in the face of a screaming mob rocking out and getting stoned** with an ‘adulteress’ in Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia etc?
  • Would she have dared do it if the nice policeman hadn’t been there?

Yup. Definitely more here than meets the eyebut she certainly does have a truly lovely smile


motivations detector***


* If that …

**  Okay, stoning

*** Not mine, dammit—their’s


13 thoughts on “A PICTURE IS WORTH

  1. Well Friend Argus, we disagree on this one. I understand your point, if she was in another country that was a theocracy under the religion of Islam she wouldn’t have the right nor the safety to do this act. Well that is so true. But it is also true she is not in one of those countries, she is in a country with a secular government. ( for the most part ) She is also engaging in a right granted to her in the country she is in. She is doing nothing wrong, and not really heroic, but yes courages as hell. Would she do it if the policeman was not there, well from what I have read she is a well known and the people say yes she is fearless in confronting bigotry. In this case I do not see the picture nor the stories I have read as you do. No one is suggesting that radical or extreme Islamist are not a problem or that the Muslims doing these acts are dangerous. What is being said is to learn who and what are the real problems, and deal with them. Also do not make the mistake of lumping a great swath of law abiding people into that category and demonize the good with the bad. In my twitter feed I saw a Imam of some note saying that radical Islam was responsible and his people needed to fight it as well. I am an atheist and do not believe in Allah any more than I do Jesus. I do think there are good people in all faiths, and yes bad people of all faiths. I want to go after and stop and punish the bad while not scapegoating the good.
    On a lighter note, here is something you might like. I have been watching a bunch of these videos. This one is a cartoon of God as a SJW. Have a good night. Hugs


      1. Seen it. Poor ol’ God … but He didn’t se it coming? I find that hard to believe …

        I also got hooked on some of the other offers, one can get totally absorbed in these things. Dammit.

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      2. Feel free to direct me to anything you find relevant and interesting. I struggle to find real good stuff these days. Most on YouTube is just low level nonsense and I am looking for things that make me think and that I can learn from, and use when talking with others. Hugs

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    1. Oh, wow … no denigration of the lady concerned intended. I just try to draw attention to the differences geography makes—and if she is defending Islam rather than human rights, I say she has a lot to learn.

      As for the right granted her by the country she is in—given a power-shifting influx of ‘refugees’ coupled with their fecundity and Democracy … in a generation or two she (if still around) won’t have those rights.

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      1. The shifting demographics are an interesting subject. I agree with you on the groups of Muslims who want to take over and change the laws of every country. I never understood why a people move to a place because they like it, and immediately try to make it like the place the left. IF you like the place you left so much, don’t leave it. In the USA we are making it easier for religious groups to enforce their way and to change our laws because the christian groups keep forcing “religious freedom laws” in every state. It is horrible and as always they are sure it will only apply to their religions and their ways.

        I agree that where you are makes a difference in what you can do or more to the point, what is safe for you to do. I wouldn’t go to a white supremacist militia compound and start hitting on the guys while doing my best flaming camp impressions. However I do think the people in those countries where they have no freedom need to start pushing for it themselves. Even the people of Iran, which is not known to be really tolerant to disent, try to push for more freedoms. The idea that democracy or rights can be given to a country like the US tried to do in Iraq is stupid, silly, and won’t work. People have to want it and fight for it themselves. Yes they may need help. The US needed help during our fight for independance from England.

        Talk to you later. Hugs


  2. It’s the unwritten law of migration. People see what the natives are doing and have a quick giggle because “back home we dunnit much better, like this …” and given supremacy (numbers in a ‘democracy’, military superiority when creating empire) they change things to suit their own notions.

    The militarily superior Poms took over New Zealand, for example, and the natives were forced to stop eating each other. Not good~?

    The advanced/numbers whites conquered the technologically unsophisticated natives in America, nomads were herded into enclaves whilst the USA was built on their ancestral graves. Hence—

    Argus’s First Law:

    You own (qua OWN*) only that which you can hold by force against all comers

    * Meaning that YOU (only you) have the ultimate say in the disposition/usage of ‘your’ asset.

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    1. I know that the demographics in the US are changing. We are becoming more brown every day. Whites are going from a clear over majority to a minority. This is due to population growth of some ethnic groups, more mixed marriages producing offspring, and immigration. I find this normal. I think it is a good thing. Times change and so do people. Sadly a lot of white people can not stand this whole idea, and they fear losing their majority.


      1. People are people.
        As a connoisseur my own personal preference in women is for long-haired blue-eyed blondes with ready wit, bubbling laughter and sheer vitality. Slender and graceful but not scrawny …

        Which doesn’t mean that I want to kill off all the brunettes, redheads and tubbies.

        Far from it. But that is my preference, and the world will be a sorrier place if maximum entropy is achieved … oops … when maximum entropy is achieved and the whole levels out to a boring “coffee coloured people by the score”.

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      2. Oh there will be differences and shades, but already most who claim to be one race or the other genetically are not or at least not entirely. Hugs


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