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My finger slipped on the mouse and I clicked the wrong icon by accident. But when serendipity kicks in, all we can do is sit back and thank the gods for free amusements.

Now run your eyes over these beauties—

glad had bad ad, Dad—sad.png


I have no idea where the ad originated (or for whom it was intended) (I imagine nice uncritical cuddly folks with fat wallets, fat hips, fat tummies, fat fobias and a brain in inverse proportion*).

Being past my bed-time here in NZ I shan’t explain. I’ll just leave it to you to enjoy the jokes. No, not mine, silly … I mean of the creative genius who came up with the above. (As an aside, my guess is that English isn’t her native language …)

Source? I found it on CNN. Apparently if you act quickly you’ll get a free sample … for myself I’ll give it a miss, I’m happy with my own dimensions; the Spouse is actually a bit skinnier than I’d like her to be so no market here for the product, I’m afraid.


* Yes, I can spell phobia (but the alliteration is better this way). No?


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