anyone who finds the historical and time-honoured term “Gypsy Day” offensive. (Actually, such a Snowflake would really have to work at it. As far as I know it’s academic anyway—we don’t have real  gypsies in Kiwiland.)


and the word was used—in a familiar but not derogatory sense—to cover someone whose ‘gypsy’ life style included a fair bit of travel. That’s all it meant, Snowflake. Now go take your pathetic little mind to a dictionary and if the words aren’t too big for you, look up ‘nomadic’ while you are there. I can wait whilst you get your mommy to do it for you, no rush—my own gypsy days are over.

I guess this means that the travelling once-a-year Gypsy Fair will have to change its name too … but how long before ‘travelling’ gets tarred with the same (EEK~!) brush?


pleeeeeease … before you go off half-cocked (oops, am I still allowed to say ‘cock’ in public?) look at historical before you opt hysterical. Go on, I know you really wish you could …




I had it explained to me that the sales/taking possession of farms down here is finalised and actuated on the first day of June each year—and that’s when everyone moves their stock (animals) to suit.

The roads can be quite busy with cattle movers shifting loads of cows and things all over the place. The name ‘Gypsy Day’ crept into the local lingo by a natural process of evolution—not by any manner of deriding anyone.

If you cannot see that, Snowflake, let me lay this upon your shivering shoulders (no frogs will be harmed in the course of my experiment, I assure you) —







his (oops … sexist term. My apologies, of course I meant setting ‘their’) (or should that be ‘its’?) sails to the wind (politicians, anyone?) let me close with this snippet followed by some ruminations—

“The term ‘Gypsy Day’ might be still in common use within the farming community as a shorthand term for the mass movement of stock, but it has undertones that aren’t in tune with New Zealand society today. ORC won’t be using the term in the future,” Bodeker said.

for source: CLICK HERE

In a land with no gypsies of its own you really have to work at it to be offended. I guess the Snowflake vote is worth cultivating, no? Whatever happened to electing folks into office based on their performance and objective merit, hmmm?


“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”


“Sir … will the de-denigration of the term be applied to all users—past, present and future, retrospectively?”


“Sir, I mean will the Day be officially renamed Moooooving Day, as the nice Orcs say, and all other uses of the word revamped? Will that lovely biplane no longer be a Gypsy Moth but become perhaps a Butter Fly?”


“Will the late great Chichester’s yacht be renamed Traveller Moth?”

“Ye gods—”

“And the wee bay in the Falkland Islands, will that be—”

“Enough, Child~”

“Will we be going back through all literature to expunge every use of the word Gypsy, even the most inoffensive and accurate, lest someone somewhere somehow find an excuse to be offended—”

“Oh dear, is that the time? I really must rush—”





2 thoughts on “SNOWFLAKE AWARD

  1. Well I have to offer you an apology. As I started to read this I thought you were pulling a prank. I was going to ask where you got these wild ideas from. Then I read the sources and followed the links. WTF. OK I guess you got me on this one. Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The thing about fiction is that it has to be credible, whereas sometimes the Truth goes far beyond the credibility of mere fiction.

      I get my biggest kicks from telling folks the ‘couldn’t-possibly-be-for-real’ truth with just a slight hint of a straight-faced grin that would tell the alert/observant that I’m pulling their leg.

      Subtle, ya gotta be subtle—and what can be more blatant than Truth? Or less believable?

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