it’s time for me to announce the first of a new all-encompassing web award.

Not for my own glorification, mind you (what glory could possibly come to a face like mine?) …


—but it is to be an award that I shall designate The Snowflake Award.

I sincerely hope that others will pick up on this notion and use it freely—absolutely no need to reference me, not in the least.


I did think I might stick a snowflake image* inside …


—but that would indeed be a case of overstating the obvious: what do the ‘Snowflakes’ actually achieve? Certainly nothing of benefit to anyone but their own Sheeple selves. Not good. Doubleplus ungood … and yes, I do make value judgements.

Please feel free to agree, and if you draw attention to this new award (no need mention my name) … all the better!

If we are


to be the victims of ever increasing Snowflakery we may as well recognise the fact. Call ’em out as it were—




* Something like this—

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 19.45.29.png

or perhaps dollied up a bit:


—which could be used in the manner of Top Medal category for outstanding contributions to the art and science of Snowflakery. (Any pea-brain can earn the basic award, but it would take service above and beyond the call to be ‘special’.)

How say you?


6 thoughts on “THE TIME HAS COME,

    1. I’m hoping it will be for glory rather than (hoick … SPIT) filthy lucre.

      The ancients Olympiated for a laurel wreath/garland/thing; not for (ugh) cash. Money, disgusting stuff, it’s what damned capitalists strive for … but the glory of being a recognised Snowflake, what could compare?

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  1. Hey I have to point out that snowflakes are great to cuddle when they are not pouting. It is best to not let them speak. Give them food, snowflake cool-aid, a blanket to sprawl on, top it off with lots of internet and they are giddy happy. Then they are trainable, but some are not potty trained from what I have seen. Just don’t let them outside off a leash. They annoy everyone they come in contact with and will take anything shiny they see regardless of who really owns it. I know many embarassed owners who let one out without proper supervision. They don’t need much in grooming care but the breed does like to preen in front of mirrors.
    Ok well that is enough of my sad attempt at humor. Have you been following Jerry Coyne at why evolution is true? Here is a story he has been doing on snowflakes at collage. . He has been writing a lot on the regressive left and the unreasonable snowflakes at colleges. Hugs


    1. Well put~! Are we talking about off-the-shelf Snowflakes here, or does the advice cover thoroughbreds too?

      And now I’m off to have a beak at that webbie, thanks for it 🙂

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      1. I showed this to Ron this morning. HE got me laughing with his response. In rather confused voice he replied “Do they come in thoroughbreds, I have not seen one”? I told him that the program was run too long and too tight in one direction and now the entire species acts inbred. The pool of information allowed into the genetic profile has become so small that the health and function of modern snowflakes is in jeopardy. They really are not for everyone as they require special handling and a lot of medication. Oh well, it is good they find homes in some places of lower learning as if they were loose on the street they would have to be rounded up and put down. Tragic end really for a species once thought to have such a bright future. Hugs

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