MILITANT SNOWFLAKES, Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 19.45.29


It’s a long time since I saw the Liza Minelli movie ‘Cabaret’ so I may be mixing imagery here; but at one point in the film there was an earnest looking young Aryan in full ‘hearts and minds for Adolf’ campaign kit singing to a startled, then rapt, then wildly enthusiastic audience. All bright golden spring-morning sunshiney stuff, stags in forests running free etc etc …

…whilst out of sight and mind some SS type thugs were cheerily demolishing a Jewish business owner in a back room, killing the snot out of him with fists and boots.

Out of sight—the SS types only crawl out of the woodwork when all the stag-foresty blue-eyed blond singing Aryans have done the groundwork for them. Quite clever, actually…


to the now—

      You’ll remember that students at Middlebury College in Vermont physically attacked both Charles Murray and his host, Allison Stanger, on March 2 (see here and here). Never mind that most of them hadn’t read The Bell Curve, or that Murray wasn’t even talking about that book; it was enough that he got demonized because they heard Murray was a racist. Fine; let them protest from their ignorance, but don’t allow them to physically assault Murray. Stanger’s hair was pulled, and apparently that injured her neck.

      Over at the Washington Post, columnist Richard Cohen, whose politics I don’t know, has a piece decrying the thugs at Middlebury, “Protestors at Middlebury College demonstrate ‘cultural appropriation’—of fascism, which is a good title …

for source:  CLICK HERE

I guess Middlebury College (and all who sail in her) qualifies as first recipient of the newly instigated ‘Snowflake Award‘.

Here, have a nice Snowflake—


—and be aware that to earn the award all you have to do is be militantly closed-minded, pig-ignorant, two-faced, and viciously anti-Freedom*. (A bit PC wouldn’t do you any harm either.)

pcAre you PC?

If you are, wonderful!

You’ve proved that you cannot think for yourself (and lack the spheres to do so anyway) so you are already well on the way to your first Award**.

Hang in there, we may yet get the official t-shirts made …

And now, possibly like me you need a refresher on the value of free speech and the meaning of the film. I intend to view it again soon. It seems much more germane now than when I first saw it years ago.


* You know, ‘Freedom” — those hackneyed old ‘free speech’ cliches (and similar such outdated outmoded unfashionable rubbish).

** The ‘Snowflake Award’ of course.


2 thoughts on “OH, GOD~!

  1. Nice quote about the college. Thought I read it somewhere before. 🙂 I have been reading what Jerry has posted about these college incidences. I was happy to see the Vt college did not give in to the demands and foot stamping. Instead they punished the students involved. IF we want young people to be responsible for their actions we have to show that not all actions will be rewarded or even tolerated. Plus it would give the students some snowflake cred by enduring the harshness of being yelled at or even getting a letter of discipline for actions that hurt people or deny others their rights. The question I have not seen anyone address, is how do you get through to a group of snowflakes accusing someone of something clearly wrong who just won’t listen. Such as when a group of “children” at Evergreen State confronted Bret Weinstein outside of the class he was teaching and while he remained calm and tried to explain to them the situation, they kept shouting things that were not true, not appropriate, and not even dealing with the situation. Hugs


    1. I have a bad habit of letting fools rush in. But I’m nice in so much as I sincerely wish they’ll go home and cuddle their rugs without hurting anybody, or getting hurt themselves on the way …

      As for what to do about it: write-off the present Snowflakes but educate the infants to think for themselves. I would drill those Basic Laws Of Thought into them until not only word perfect (any parrot or recorder can do that) but capable of demonstrating that they get the message.

      I’d send the active semi-adult ones now in college to serve a stint as guards at Guantanamo … (sadly, many of those would come home as new Islamics—so probably not a good idea).

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