Never heard of it~!

Until tonight.


Read the quotes first, and then you’ll see why it caught my interest. After which …


In declassifying the most recent and largest batch of materials last June 8, the 40th anniversary of the attack, the NSA, this country’s chief U.S. electronic-intelligence-gatherer and code-breaker, acknowledged that the attack had “become the center of considerable controversy and debate.” It was not the agency’s intention, it said, “to prove or disprove any one set of conclusions, many of which can be drawn from a thorough review of this material,” available at http://www.nsa.gov/liberty .

An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman, Mark Regev, called the attack on the Liberty “a tragic and terrible accident, a case of mistaken identity, for which Israel has officially apologized.” Israel also paid reparations of $6.7 million to the injured survivors and the families of those killed in the attack, and another $6 million for the loss of the Liberty itself.

But for those who lost their sons and husbands, neither the Israelis’ apology nor the passing of time has lessened their grief …

We can elucidate.

But wait, it gets better …

Nor, the survivors said, did they understand why the American 6th Fleet, which included the aircraft carriers America and Saratoga, patrolling 400 miles west of the Liberty, launched and then recalled at least two squadrons of Navy fighter-bombers that might have arrived in time to prevent the torpedo attack — and save 26 American lives.

They didn’t understand, but to me it’s obvious. If not obvious to you—if you still can’t see it, I have no wish to explain (but I’m sure you’ll want to buy this beautiful palace I have for sale in London—buy now and I’ll chuck in a slightly used Harbour Bridge in Sydney, at no extra cost) …


you thought it couldn’t get any better—

Meantime, the Liberty’s survivors and their supporters, including a distinguished constellation of retired admirals and generals, have persisted in asking Congress for a full-scale formal investigation.

—the ultimate “Yeah, sure~!”.


you, at least, had a great Memorial Day—waved lots of flags, washed lots of Fallen Hero tombstones, and did the full bit


USS Liberty




TO READ from source:  CLICK HERE



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