You didn’t vote?

Yet you’ll still serve anyway …


to a good thing. That someone ain’t you, Bud. It’s your Friendly Government; while you, Sir or Madame, are merely a tool. A puppet of policy, a dispensable thing*. You know … quite disposable.


is always backed by a gun. And yes, that lovely friendly government of nice baby-kissing people you voted for will turn the guns on you if it felt the need; even if only “pour encourager les autres”. Civil rights? Meaningless. Nice bait to catch votes, but quite meaningless.


spend it wisely …

Germany suspended conscription in 2011, but provision for it remains in the constitution. There is a debate now about reintroducing some form of national service.

Turkey has the second-largest armed forces in Nato, after the US military. Turkey has conscription for all men over the age of 20. They must serve between six and 15 months.

Neighbouring Greece – a Nato partner – has compulsory military service (nine months) for men from the age of 19. Cyprus – a longstanding source of Greek-Turkish tension – also has conscription.

Denmark and Norway have limited conscription, but their forces are overwhelmingly professional. Estonia and Lithuania – small Baltic states wary of Russian moves near their borders – have similar recruitment policies.

Finland however requires all men from the age of 18 to serve up to 347 days in the armed forces. They are later counted as reserves and can be required to take military refresher courses. For women military service is voluntary.

In Russia all men aged 18-27 have to spend a year in the armed forces …

to read from source (BBC) :  CLICK HERE

Just a small sampling of some of the reserves of disposables at the beck and call, will and whim of governments everywhere.


that has ‘conscription’ in any form is a free nation. Think about it. And if you think there’s even a remote possibility that those turkeys in office will get you into such a mess that they (not you, they) need conscripts to get them out of it—well, who was a good little voter and put them in office, then? (CLUE: not me …)


I say that if the cause is good, there will be no shortage of volunteers and no need for conscription.




The very definition of the word ‘paradox’ has to be the concept of a conscript fighting for freedom.



 *  But you can’t complain, can you? After all:   you voted.

** Think pawn, a la chess.


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