buitre16  BEAM ME UP, SCOTTIE—

—and give it wings~!

It was bad enough when America, in a fit of pique, decided to rename French fries as ‘Liberty fries’. (You can’t go wrong in America if you ‘liberty’ everything) —

“Excuse me, officer—”

“… Oink? Oh … a kiwi tourist. How can I help ya, fella?”

“City Hall from here, please?”

“Simple, Bud … just go down Liberty Avenue a ways, turn right into Liberty Square, go straight across and  at Liberty Corner exit into Liberty street then  and follow Liberty Lane between Liberty Library and Joe’s Diner—”

“Joe’s Diner?”

“Yep! Sells the best goddam’ Liberty Fries on God’s Earth, Son.”

So now we know. Land of The Free, free enterprise, freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom of thought and all enterprising entrepreneurs welcome.





… strikes again …


4 thoughts on “YE GODS

  1. Good grief! What a wunch of bankers.
    I must warn Emily to stop posting any of her cakes online -me too for that matter – in case Buddy begins to appropriate her ideas and uses them on his show.

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    1. If cakes have been made before, especially by ethnics, anywhere, and she is making cakes too … oh no, the mind boggles—expect the heavies to call round in the morning.

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  2. This is wrong and stupid and sucks! If I did not know you better I would say it is put up by a troll. I told Ron and he replied “this is a land that excepted all cultures until recently and all the foods they brought with them”. You know I wonder if these were just trouble makers wanting to cause grief and hurt to the women. Thanks for the heads up, I hate how stupid and fucked up my country is becoming. The people who do this stuff are not liberals, they are not progressive, and they are not left as I understand any of those terms. Thanks. Be well and hugs

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    1. Sadly we have to live with folks like that … which reminds me, I promised you a post and shall get on to it. My next ‘Cassandric’, in fact 🙂

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