ArgusI can be a sour and sarcastic old cynic often sometimes. True~! But my heart and intentions are as pure as the driven snow, regardless of appearances.


thank God(s) that’s over and we can get on with it.

I promised Scottie a refresher on the Basic Tools of Thought—summarised as bullets here but expanded further down—

  • Everything must either be,

  • or not-be;

  • nothing can both be and not-be

—simple enough if you use ‘be’ to represent ‘exist’ (either physically or as concepts).

Which then leads us to the mind-bender’s worst nightmare:




(actually, strictly speaking, they cannot exist). Read on …

  • if you find an apparent contradiction
  • look to the premises, because
  • one of them (at least) is wrong.

And that’s it. Lesson complete.

Full ahead all engines and damn the torpedoes. No?

No. That YOU can think for yourself and spot contradictions all over the place doesn’t mean anyone else can, or will. You now have to be very careful.

devil-1I was told once by a genuine Crank that—

In the Land of the Blind

the one-eyed man is King.

The two-eyed a monstrosity

—and from memory ‘monstrosities’ often got burned at the stake. Brrrr … which is why thinkers need be careful. CLUE: it’s never a good idea to argue with the man holding a gun.


or even if not in doubt: always look for contradictions. If you find one (okay, when you find …) check your own safety before pointing them out.


too is a favourite peeve of mine. This is how people get what they want at your expense. Mind control (MC) doesn’t necessarily mean implants in the brain. MC simply means someone else getting you to do what they want, often without you realising.


is Mind Control—do you really believe in spooks in the sky watching your every move with a mind to consigning you to eternal hellfire (or endless sex with gorgeous houris)?

If you do … you are being milked—whichever of the unlimited unique pathways to Salvation it is**.


* Mind-bender = someone seeking to control others.

** You missed it, no?  Unlimited means ‘lots of’—unique means ‘one only’.



8 thoughts on “AN ADMISSION

  1. Interesting. I wonder if looking for contradictions in everything you read makes it harder to understand it, or takes the spontaneity out of responding? I understand now the idea. I like the idea and will try to train myself to notice them when I see them. However I am struggling just to counter the points that make no sense in reality in a way that those deluded in religion will hear if not agree with. It is hard enough for me to get my point with in their understanding range with out trying to parse each word they utter. I think one thought tool that would be great is a sanity shield for listening to William lane Craig and ilk. They are so swarmy I am afraid they will get something on me and I won’t be able to wash the stain out. 🙂 Hugs


  2. Taking your points out of order—I saw the artificiality of society a long time ago, and simply gave up caring what other people (often deluded sheeple) think. Other than The Spouse, there’s only one opinion of me that matters in the whole world: mine.

    Read (and these days view) as widely as you can with an open mind. You’ll never have to look for contradictions because they just jump out at you. And there’s no point in demonstrating them to the brain-washed, you may as well talk to a brick. Often the brick makes better sense … “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove the doubt”.

    Always remember that too often today’s ‘fact’ is tomorrow’s big giggle, and the word ‘expert’ can be broken down into two syllables: ‘ex’ = a has been, and a ‘spurt’ is a drip under pressure. Not so very long ago the UK’s Astronomer Royal in a fit of pique and righteous indignation squawked that “Rockets will never work in space! There’s nothing to push against!”

    I have no idea who William Lane Craig is but I suspect a televangelist or similar? So what? There’s no defence for an unarmed man alone in a howling mob other than to escape as best you can in good time. The classic ‘low profile’ is good, not being where the mob is gathering is better, and arguing out loud with the Turkey gathering his income is a definite no-no.

    The Reality is that there are people out there who make very very Big Bucks from the gullible. Wealth and power is what it is all about … the best defense against them is a low profile and escape.

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  3. Do you ever feel you should point out someone’s stupidity? Or when people say something so out of reality, do you show them the error. For me sometimes it is a pressure in my head to explain what the facts really are. I feel if I let it go by unchallenged than I am accepting the falsehood. I am not talk about feelings of belief or such , but facts that we know about reality that they have been taught wrong from church. Hugs


    1. For myself I try to be gentle. In the open forum of blogland I feel free to point out errors if the guy is innocent. If he’s just a mind-washed sheeple spouting party-pap then I feel free to be a bit emphatic (sometimes) but mostly I just flush ’em (along with other sewage).

      This is where Ark and others keep coming adrift, they try to appeal to reason where none exists (or is even possible—talk about seeds falling on stoney ground).

      In real life I am actually quite circumspect. Today (pure coincidence!) one of our very best friends is celebrating a birthday—lovely couple; he is a very devout practising Baptist and she a very devout practising Roman Catholic.
      They solve what might for others have been grounds for disharmony by attending each other’s church, one for morning service and one in the afternoon, every church-day*. I have no problem with that—how can anyone, especially those who say they believe in Freedom etc etc? They know how I (we~!) feel, but it makes no odds—they come here for dinner, I invite them to say Grace. We go there, we bow our heads in accordance with custom, and offer a hearty ‘Amen’ at the end. It costs nothing and doesn’t compromise anyone’s values. Manners are free.

      But when someone intrudes into my space uninvited—he does so at this peril. I mentioned before about the Mormons who ran (literally!) squealing from my home? If there’s a weekend knock on our door and no-one is expected Spouse beats me to the door ‘lest I invite some innocents in and reduce their points to atoms. Such are simply programmed organic robots and Spouse, dammit, has the right approach—as I said before, you cannot reason with a brick. Doctorates or otherwise, a devout religioso is a programmed organic robot (where such beliefs are concerned).

      “Point out stupidity”? No, rarely a good idea unless responding AND it is safe to do so. Never forget that others see the world differently from you, and hold different values. Sometimes good manners are not only cheap—they can be an essential survival mechanism.

      * Win-win all round: they are happy, both franchises get their Peter’s Pence (and God gets two lots).

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  4. That’s assuming of course that one rule fits all. But in amongst all the unique perspectives in the world, how would we know?
    The lack of contradictions would attest to a grand design. Divinity perhaps, or put in more atheistic terms, Dark Matter? Does it matter?
    Of course, with a lack of contradictions atheism goes right out the window.


    1. All is unique, when we think about it. So we let statistics take care of our problems: God is in Her Heaven and all is well with the world.
      Oops … ‘Her’ heaven? Bugger … ‘His’ heaven.

      Oops, bugger: ‘their’ heaven/s.
      At last, covered all bases. Now everyone is happy, no need to murder each other in the name of mercy and love and compassion.

      But for myself, I suspect no gods and no heavens … just an icky mess speeding through the nowhere that created itself from nothing (if God can, why can’t the Cosmos?) (or is God just a less rational person’s way of saying ‘cosmos’?)

      I’m happy that I have the answers. My answers. So I too can be religious about the unknown … all I have to do now is garner a following, get ’em filling my coffers and I too shall be saved. Of course it matters: there’s bucks out there to be shorn from the fleecy and (dammit) I’m missing them.

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