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(And yes, you were intended to read ‘more on’ as moron. Well spotted, you~!)


  • today’s hard ‘fact’ is often tomorrow’s giggle
  • a fact is a perception
  • science may bury folks prematurely
  • but it never admits that it is wrong



refute me?


Okay then …

we’ll move on and here’s your ‘quote of the day’—

“All our perceived wisdom on healthy diets largely comes from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, when the main focus was on heart disease and diabetes.

But the world has moved on now and, as we know, the population is ageing rapidly.

“What we discovered in our research is that the diet guidelines formed in those past decades do not cover the whole field. The world is shifting gear and an ageing population is transitioning into old age – but the diet guidelines we hold dear do not apply to older people,” he says.

Another “Oh dear” and from:  CLICK HERE

BUT in the meantime—which means for the duration of the ‘fact’—lots of lovely money is milked made from the gullible by the unsavoury. A form of win/win, actually … now (and totally unrelated, I assure you): have you had your flu shots yet?




4 thoughts on “MORE ON

  1. I am going to pass the flu shot thing entirely and go right to eating things bad for you. Well I remember when they raised all sorts of fuss that people had to quit eating eggs immediately. Eggs were deadly for you. But many people grew up eating a lot of eggs and they were still going strong. Then they made another softer announcement that now eggs were OK. Eat as many as you like. Which led me to wonder if the ones doing the studies had been paid for by the other food groups. Red meat is bad for you from a group made up of bird, pig, and fish merchants?

    So I wonder… what diet advice do you wish to give to older people? Or if you are already an older person… what advice do you want to hear? Hugs


    1. I was advised a long time ago to “graze as close to the ground as you can”. A bit simplistic, but it works.

      Eating is an essential habit but it is still a habit. How you cater for your habit is best left to your own judgement rather than that of others … for (literally!) decades now our standard evening meal is fried chicken with salad. Very (!) occasionally we’ll have a steak but it will be a small fillet steak, seared both sides and then actually cooked (we despise this modern trend for raw meat that has been waved over a pan by a ‘chef’). Do we get bored? Frankly: no~!

      Beware chemicals in all forms and in unexpected places. In winter I sprout my own mung beans and alfalfa—lovely, fresh, crunchy and untweaked by the unscrupulous.

      And never listen to experts …

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      1. Like you I keep to my own opinion on what I eat. I feel eating is a pleasure. I like it to be fun and tasteful. I eat what I like. I do eat a lot of steak. I find it is not as good as it was in the past, but still one of the things I most enjoy. I don’t tell others what to eat, and I rarely make fun of those who eat only fruits or nuts. ( I have been know to eat a fruit and many are nuts {giggle giggle} ) I just get frustrated over what I feel is self serving advice. Here in the states we have drug manufactures that sponsor commercials asking people to tell their doctor they need this or that drug. I would rather my doctor tell me. Have a great one. Hugs


      2. That comment about eating fruits cracked me! Damn near sprayed my coffee all over the screen … which reminds me, recently coffee was in the shock-horror-dismay bracket too; but now I read that coffee is for many Americans their major source of antioxidants.

        The one thing I do try to stay away from is sugar, but the occasional doughnut (from Gore, brilliant doughnuts there~!) sets the stage for a cheery visit.

        My sister, visiting once was horrified at our stockpile of ‘ready use’ eggs … but my standard breakfast (same every day) for at least thirty years has been two fried eggs on cheese on toast (although there was a period where Spouse and I needed to lose some weight so we cut out breads and other wheat-stuffs (it worked). This was when to even admit you’d eaten an egg was sufficient cause for people to make the Sign of The Cross and run screaming from the room. (I did the sums once and was impressed at how many eggies I sock away, and I’m still waiting for my heart to explode. I guess if they are changing the rules again it ain’t gonna happen …

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