foaming at the mouth

free-thinker (aka Conspiracy Theorist) I take umbrage at any form of enforced collectivism—

Come along, you lot. Holdiday camp awaits~!.png

—although in ‘democratic’ New Zealand we have campaigners actively  moving Heaven and Earth to invoke the armed might of the State (ref above) to force the innocent to comply with their Snowflake cause du jour (ref image below)—

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 18.06.06.png

—regardless of any other considerations. Not good. In the past I have asked (and never received an answer**) :

a.  Why so, everybody?

b.  How can the unvaccinated be a threat to the vaccinated?


for those altruistic (it means unsanitary) boofwits absolutely determined to control others—

Ve haf vays of makink you comply!.png

—look and learn, your precedents have already been well and truly set (and those guys were pretty bloody good at it) (a bit better than you, Snowflake.)

Here, the campaign flag of the universal Public Benefactor—


(My apologies to the Godwin’s Law people …)

—and possibly, c/o the United Nations, it will be coming soon to a nation near you. Ok, to you.

As a final thought: compulsory anything … why?*

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 20.10.56.png

It’s for your own good, you know … that’s why.**

sv*    Cui bono?

** And when you get to the lovely hot showers, don’t forget to breathe deeply. For better health and a longer life ya just can’t beat deep breathing …

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