Oh God~


chestnut again? Already? Have some people nothing better to do than to try to embarrass their leaders, their seniors, even their beloved front-line allies?

Off you go then, and read this (I’ll wait)  …  …   CLICK HERE

see? That’s me, waiting patiently                arrow right.gif          buitre16

The American capacity for ‘cognitive dissonance’ surprises me even now. I think that at last, after a whole wasted lifetime spent trying, I’ve finally come up with a practical demonstration of the term. Irrefutable too …


about issues you’d rather were swept out of sight and mind is to simply ignore them. They may outlast you, personally, a bit—but if you are a bit player in a much vaster enterprise your ‘sacrifice’ will be well served.


be so important to me? Especially so proximate with ‘Memorial Day’? Or should that be renamed ‘Hypocrite Day’ and have done with it? (‘Pussycat Day?’)

“No man left behind” … yeah … I like that; so catchy, so … American …

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 21.26.28.png

Hollywood at its best. You know—fiction, hype, fairytale propaganda to inspire the masses but scant relation to reality. No?

Hey—before you flick me away, this is the Reality, Bud—

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 21.31.50.png

—ye gods, just look at that scruffy darned thing … you’d think the Yanks would at least give it a lick of paint? Bloody Captain should be damned well court-martialled~!

Don’t fret.

All you has to do is live long enough to outlast the opposition and then you gets ta write ‘history’ closer to your heart’s desire. The evil that men do lives after them, the truth is shovelled with them into their grave. And silently buried.

La Verite


This painting is called “Truth emerging from the well” (something like that). I like to use the image often (I’m a sucker for scantily clad red heads). As for any meaning, I leave that to better minds than mine.












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