brrrrr~! As you know (lucky you if you don’t—it means this is your first time here) I read, watch, and generally sift through a lot of stuff. Much of it rubbish … and am currently viewing The History Channel’s 3-disc package titled “Ancient Aliens (season two)”.

maria_orsic.jpgDisc 1 at the moment, and we’re in the collapsing Nazi Germany with guys like Martin Borman doing a bunk in a bell-shaped time machine.

All grist to the mill, and I’ve always loved that snap of Nazi Maria Ostrich (or whatever her name was.)

Long blonde hair, blue eyed with a challenging level gaze and big batty eyelashes … grrrrrrowf~!

fireworks air burst.gif

Oops, where was I?

Time travel. For myself, complete with closed and shuttered (barricaded even) mind I can only accept ‘time travel’ as a one-way opportunity. In my purview the entire universe is a time machine and it comes gratis (ya can’t ask better than that).

I start with a self-evident given:

no two physical objects

can occupy the same space

at the same time …

Simplistic, but any attempt to break Argus’s first rule of physics (see above) means disruption (this is why a bullet, arrow, or knife etc kills).


the show shows earnest folks earnestly and enthusiastically telling us that ‘they’ (their beloved aliens etc) can flit painlessly through time. I use naval (poetic) slang to express my own humble opinion—


 Bollards 2.png


—and await your declarations declaring me wrong. Any proofs might be nice too, but you are allowed an unproofed opinion.




5 thoughts on “BELIEF, and

  1. We are unable to put 2 things in the same space, but isn’t it also true that there is enough space between the molecules of the desk you are now sitting at to actually put another desk?


    1. I haven’t heard that one before (I like it! Boom boom!) but I was told at school that the atom is much like a solar system, with vast empty spaces between bits.

      But even on a sub-atomic scale where the bits are regarded as being just energy, trying to get two of them to squash into the same place can make a helluva bang …

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    1. I prefer the (Mk lll) where it literally runs forever on a handful of garbage … (always banana skins in Hollywood garbage, didja ever notice?).

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