buitre16THANK GOOD OL’

Uncle Al

for inventing anthropogenic global warming. He must be right, he’s made a bundle from it … and now—

Researchers have encountered complex “giant viruses” with as many as thousands of genes in the melting permafrost of Siberia. One such virus, 30,000 years old, was still infectious when it was discovered in 2015, though it posed no danger to humans, Live Science reports.

See what I mean? CLICK HERE for source article.

Before good ol’ Uncle Al (Gore) we simply didn’t have to worry about these things. Perhaps … … … OH!

 Of course! Satori, my moment of enlightenment~!

THIS then is why the American Establishment (the guy with the funny haircut and his wee string-pullers) is frantically doing its very best to promote an all-out nuclear war. Dammit, why did I not make the connection before? (He’s swift, this old dog, I tells ya!)

  • Uncle Al invents the Global Warming which will cook us all
  • Trump and his merry men minions invent their all-out nuclear war—
  • the consequent Nuclear Winter—
  • cancels any residual Global Warming—
  • so God’s in His Heaven and all’s well with the world  QED* .



just when you thought it was safe to get back in the ocean; out of the depths of the blogginverse comes another unexpected crippler like this—

“For me, marine plastic pollution is the new climate change, but I would like for us to not make the same mistakes. We’ve been arguing about climate change, and whether it exists and what is changing, for the better part of 40 years …

to read this beast from source   —>   CLICK HERE

(Or not click it … it’s your call, you disinterested utterly bored pollyanna, you.) (It doesn’t worry me at all ‘cos the nuclear winter will for a short while solve all my problems. And if in a few zillion years the new dominant species asserts its dominance I hope it’s more agrarian than industrial** .)

buitre16      buitre16   buitre16 buitre16

 * A thought triggered by statistics when Little Ollivia asked me an innocent enough simple question—

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Cutie?”

“Sir … if a statistician lies on a bench with his head in a hot oven and his feet in a deep-freeze…”


“Is he, on average, quite comfy?”

** Bugger … you need industry for making ploughshares, no? (And bankers to finance the entrepreneurial … damn!)



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