devil-1“F—K Jesus.”


“F—k for Jesus.”

The difference being mere semantics.

Or maybe not …

New Zealand women are being targeted by a religious movement hunting spiritual brides for a convicted serial rapist—

South Korean organisation Jesus Morning Star is recruiting young women in universities, shopping centres and churches here – often by promising them lucrative modelling contracts. But the group, which uses multiple aliases, ultimately wants members to be “purified” by having sex with their leader Jung Myung-seok.

Jesu Agnosticus Cheiro, not.png

There’s nothing wrong with a lucrative modelling contract, right? But wait, read on and it gets even better—

She told me I’m beautiful and asked if I wanted to join a Christian modelling agency that will focus on inner beauty,” said the student, who is of European descent.

to read article at source:  CLICK HERE

I’ve often wondered if it were possible to use the words ‘Christian’ and ‘inner beauty’ in the same sentence. Now we know …

…they target attractive, committed young women particularly those with the Christian faith.”

Could it be that ‘committed’ (to Big Jeez) young women have thus demonstrated irrational gullibility, and so distinguished themselves as targets prime for the plucking?

The university has issued a written warning to its student clubs saying the Morning Star group used a modelling school as a front. It was also known by other names including Nikau Church and Providence Church.

Oh dear. The name of God being taken in vain and used to recruit lambettes for the slobber, not good. But it’s all been done before—the ‘Children of God’ spring to mind, and others.


of salesmanship of indemonstrable ‘products’ is banned outlawed it will be ever thus. Innocents will be sucked in, chewed up, and spat out by confidence tricksters. That they are actively hunting at universities says absolutely nothing for the rationality or brain power of their prey, no?


coming soon to the underprivileged and needy near you—

helly lu liar!.png

—a cheery sing-song sesh and you may as well see if you can buy a franchise and get in on the act. I honestly don’t think Jesus will mind, not in the least …



3 thoughts on “THE ATHEIST SAYS

    1. As Captain Jack Sparrow said in that ‘pirates’ movie—
      “Brief, and to the point. I like it!”

      As some other bugger famously said “There’s one born every minute” …


      1. Which is why I prefer Xtianity to Islam. Christians merely screw for God, Islamics have to kill, rape, and enslave … kids too being free game.


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