heathen agnostic disbeliever (in any religion, just name yours and read on with a clear conscience). I address the faithful followers of the Great AG here …


for Ark and thee

a disclaimer just so no-one accuses me of loading my arguments. I haven’t verified this chart at all, I just have faith (eeeek~!) in the source. The guy is unarguably almost as loopy as I—he believes, not in dead men flying through the sky turning stones into scones but in that there could well have been cataclysmic events in the past which if investigated properly might turn our scholarly works on their heads (and put an awesome amount of ‘experts’ out of jobs).


for Ark (and thee) a nice chart—


—admittedly it’s a very limited sampling (selective? Qui, moi?) but it has a certain jenny say kwa.

Even more so if true … brrrr.  For source: CLICK HERE

In the meantime here in Southland we’re having a wee bit of global cooling. To a mayfly catastrophic, to us dinosaurs just a cyclic blip. Some acknowledge this fact and even give it cute names like ‘autumn’ or ‘fall’. To each his own—frankly I blame good ol’ Al Gore. None of this would have mattered to no-one if he hadn’t scammed a few zillion bucks from the gullible …



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