frightensome stuff like this—

What is happening has nothing to do with real markets or real supply and demand. What we are seeing is governments trying to obfuscate their total mismanagement of the economy and the currency. So far, the bullion banks have been fortunate that gold and silver paper holders haven’t called their bluff and asked for physical delivery. Because we know and the banks know that the day they will need to come up with the real gold and silver bars, it is game over. Because they haven’t got physical gold or silver to cover even a fraction of their paper shorts. Between futures exchanges, bullion banks, including precious metals derivates contracts, there are hundreds of ounces of paper gold and silver outstanding for every ounce of physical backing.

—I mean, where the hell is the problem?

If your government runs a bit short of the readies all it has to do is run off a few million (or trillion?—Ed) more. Bucks, pounds, francs, euros, baht, rupees, shekels … just name your poison. No problems. So there, problem solved and the famous infamous ‘barbarous relic’ once more returned to its grave. Boom boom!


As a bubbling eternal optimist I post thoughts like these only because of the sometime doubts that penetrate even my thick pollyanna hide. (As for the guy who wrote the source article, he’s out for his own buck by creating a demand for his product, no? And who can possibly blame him?)

Like India, China has a deep, ancient cultural affinity for gold, and it knows only too well that “other” Golden Rule: Who has the gold makes the rules.

to read more:  CLICK HERE

Here, have a nice gold—

gold bricks.png

—and be advised that as a housing material for wee piggies it sure beats straw.


Be careful out there~!



11 thoughts on “I TIRE OF

      1. Only got this far so far “…until the experiment was abruptly terminated by Austria’s Central Bank” … but it figures. One might ask ‘Why?’ but it would be a purely rhetorical question.


      2. Exactly. Great pick-up. It was shortly after that the Austria Club (I think that was its name?) of international bankers was formed, and they have since made damn sure nothing like this is ever attempted again.

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      3. Nothing new about ‘scrip’ currencies. They seem effective, short term and local. The sad point about that article is the guy rejoicing in the ‘currency’ becoming dimished with time, especially as an ‘anti-hoarding’ device.

        Without saving, how can people ever build up capital?
        Can always borrow it from someone who has actually managed to save it, I suppose … and he will let one have it ‘rent free’ because he’s nice. No problems …

        I much prefer the idea of ‘money’ having what it widely regarded as intrinsic value. Historically gold and silver fit the bill nicely, having other virtues as well (portable, easily divisible etc etc). It is actually a very very simple subject made complex by the dab hand of power brokers dabbling. Not good.

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      4. Perhaps, but for it to work we will have to dramatically change our entire economic perspective. As you sau, hoarding will be out, so “security” has to be come from somewhere else.


      1. Stamped … terminating. Money as a game of pass the parcel, with the last person having to (brrrrr) … eat it …

        I prefer money to have what is wideliest accepted as ‘value’. As I’ve mentioned before, after WW2 cans of sardines circulated as currency in parts of Europe.

        Outright barter is merely simple currency (but without the sticky fingers of government getting its ‘share’ of every transaction).


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