that I’m an ignorant unthinking unfeeling bloody atheist—

—at other times I wish there were a Bible-banging priest handy whose butt I could boot right up through his sanctimonious bloody teeth.


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2 thoughts on “SOMETIMES I

  1. Good old God set things up for her, no?

    Before The Creation He (She, They, It) set it all up. In advance, and that with due malicious forethought. No?

    The priest is the guy who keeps running around telling me so, and that I should thank God that I at least have near perfect health—thank Hm for being so good too me (and me an atheistic agnostic—honestly, some Gods, there’s no logic here …).

    Okay, He was good to me … but why shit on poor May Chen? (Oh. I see, He doesn’t like Asians …).

    All powerful = all responsible.
    So the buck stops with God, The Creator, the Supreme Architect, the Maker of Heaven and Earth, the Prime mover etc etc — it cannot possibly stop with the innocent May Chen, doomed even before birth by God’s infinite knowledge, wisdoms and mercies etc etc.

    So as the priest is God’s representative on Earth (regardless of franchise) he’s the nearest thing I can blame. Or should I not blame the salesman, just the product?
    I can’t reach God but I could certainly reach his agent …


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