CLUE: it’s the country with the greatest proven oil reserves in the world (no, it’s not Saudi Arabia—this place is even richer in oil than the blessed Saudis).

Food is scarce, with many people taking to foraging for bush food which might not be safe to eat.

Meals that cost a certain amount one week are likely to be many more times expensive a week later. People are struggling to survive.

These harsh conditions – a huge change from *********’s former living standards – have prompted tens of thousands of people to protest. They are demanding elections to remove the leftist president.

Instead of allowing peaceful action, the government has clamped down hard.

At least 37 people have been killed since protests intensified in April …


can you change your lovely elected government when things go wrong as they sometimes will, and the road you’re trudging is all uphill, etc etc and it’s not YOUR bloody fault?

“Vote the bums out~!” I hear you smugly saying, Snowflake. Yeah … right. Sure.

But what if you can’t afford even to eat, it’s all their fault and the elections are still some way off? What if there’s no lawful way to create the necessary changes—and your own kids are going pot-bellied from hunger?

What if they have complete control of the armed forces while you can’t even afford the petrol for a molotov cocktail? What if the starving are expiring in the streets while the wealthy and powerful drive carefully around them*?


I just watch, wonder, and ask these dum’ questions.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 18.07.40.png


but no matter what they call it: unless people work for a satisfying return on their own investments of cash, time, talent, or energies … … … it ain’t gonna succeed.

“What’s in it for me?” is a perfectly valid question that doesn’t outlaw genuine acts of charity. (Far from it … but the truly selfish can neither see nor concede this point.)


that would succeed long term without the involvements of force or coercion is natural capitalism. In my use of the term I don’t mean the sick systems running the show in too many places at the present time—oligarchs pulling the strings of puppet presidents, semi-secret initiated ‘societies’ in absolute brutal control.

Dammit, we need a new word—the old one has by clever manipulation been totally misappropriated. Any takers?


* Don’t want to make a mess of the car, now, do we?

2 thoughts on “GUESS WHO

  1. There is a perfectly good word that has shown to work every where it has been tried. It works until greed kills it by slow steps. That words are “socialist capitalism”. It is capitalism that is tempered by social needs and systems. Capitalism that is secondary to the needs of the society. Businesses are regulated for the common good, the tax system is progressive with the wealthy paying a percentage equal to the percentage difference of their wealth from the average citizen. Things like this. It once worked in countries in Europe but greed took it away from some and is working hard to take it away for the others. Hugs

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    1. Whatever you may call it, whatever we bring in … people out for FBF (Freebies By Force) will always (R) always pervert the systems to their own ends. Trust me …

      I can take this step-by-step as a theory thru to the logical/expectable conclusion; and shall do if you’ll bear with me~?

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