your ‘own’ business?


and not.

“A lot of the feedback we received from managers and team mates was worrying about using the right language with transitioning team members, or not knowing how to approach conversations or questions.

“We have several coaches who have extensive experience in helping people through the gender transitioning process, and can assist our leaders with potential conversations they might have with their teams.”


you aren’t free to pick, choose, set rules for and regulate your own employees. No? So while we fall over each other frantically demonstrating how very enlightened we are (or purport to be) the folks who actually can control their businesses will be taking over. Not in the Homeland, the Fatherland, the Motherland, the soon to be Parent-land … but anywhere they are free from simpering brainless PC conformists. But the gun rules.

transitioning” team members? What’s wrong with the old fashioned ‘coming out’? Oh. I see. Newspeak … bugger, something else I have to learn, a whole new language.


it’s all to do with human values and freedoms and other good(?) stuffs.

But, dammit—I’ve always been open minded and liberal. I’ve never fretted the colour of someone’s skin, the length of his hair, whether he wears a frock or if she is covered in tatts, I just treat people as people.

So what it boils down to is values. (I know I’m talking dirty here—the entire concept of anyone having values is loathsome these days: ‘individual’ is a dirty word.)


boys become interchangeable with girls, and vice-versa … just look at the savings! In schools, hospitals, prisons, armed forces, public parks—instead of building two wee edifices and labelling one ‘His’ and the other ‘Hers’, they can get away with just one labelled ‘Theirs’ and have done with it. No more expectant parents knitting pink or blue booties, mauve will cover all bases. Win/win all around, no?

Coming soon to you




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