the loot keeps rolling in.

This is, after all, the age of total ‘Liberation’* and ‘Equality’ … no?


•Six Saudi students have been allowed to pass an electrical course despite cheating in their final exam. •They submitted almost identical answers in the exam, but could not answer a question verbally after the cheating was discovered. •Two Saudi government officials attended a key meeting when Unitec began investigating the case. •Unitec says the Saudi students were not treated any differently from other students who cheat. •It says “academic misconduct” including cheating was detected in 10 per cent of last year’s engineering exams. •The Saudi students’ lecturer has resigned in protest and NZQA is investigating.

Six Saudi Arabian students at Unitec have been allowed to pass an electrical course despite cheating in their final exam.


it gets better—

He also gave all seven students C-minus grades for the course, the lowest passing grade. Unitec said later that this was an error and changed one student to a fail grade…


Oh wow. And awwww, shucks too.

uni.pngAnd not in the least related, here’s a nice screenshot (active link) for you:
It may be relative/pertinent/germane or wotever, I haven’t read it myself ‘cos all this academic stuff doesn’t concern me so long as we kiwis stay the world leaders in everything—never forgetting that if ever we lose at rugby it’s only because the ref is biassed, paid off, or blind. We invented flying, we invented splitting atoms, we were/are/will always be the best sailors in the universe—so of course our educators are infallible and the guy/guyette who wrote this BS article should be stood against the wall and pelted with bales of Saudi shekels until they recants**.


* Liberation from integrity. (Nasty word that:  in-teg-rity) (sounds like something you’d slip on after a dog with dysentry passed ahead. Yuk. Thank heavens they’re clearing it out) …

** I too am a product of New Zealand education. Boom boom!


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