Free speach is nuspeke, no? butcha can get awa with anythink theze daze—

Unitec said it was “unfortunate that the former staff member has opted to acquire the private records of students and hold these after their employment ended”.

“This is a serious breach of the students’ right to privacy.”

Plurals and single lures micksed up freely, unleavened by considerations of gender; and no won bothas? Beem me up, Skottie…

Sauce of yore kwoat:   LICKK HERE

I really like respect and admire the loyalty and consideration shown by the Unitec spokes-perper* in the final quote line above—it shows that someone has his/her/its/their priorities right: defend your own stipend first above and beyond all else.


* “perper” being that ‘son’ denotes a male, ergo ‘person’ is a sexist term … but ‘perper’ is genderically neutral. A point I’d debate with all comers (given only that I be allowed naughty words)(if there are any these days?).

PS  Oops … but he’she/it/they was/were referring to the erstwhile students as being actually employed by the Unitec? Agents provocateurs, perhaps, to flush out the last vestiges of integrity?

It worked … she’s gone. Damned dinosaur …



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