just like me and asks my questions on my behalf (albeit unknowingly) —

The question is: now that Russia and China understand that Washington is preparing for a preemptive nuclear strike against them in order to remove the two constraints on Washington’s unilateral behavior, will the two countries sit there and wait for the strike?

What would you do?

—and the further question I’d ask (that he hasn’t) is: Does he have a point? (Click on any troll to go to the source of the quote above.)


don’t ask me. I’m just the pup with a keyboard here. You’d have to ask some bugger in the know … (as if he/she/it/they would ever tell you—simply to ask would be to demonstrate an absurd faith that would tempt me to offer you the Sydney Harbour Bridge at a knockdown price* .)

SADLY Troller.png

the wee fellow goes on to attack trolls and such, in a manner that brings to mind two items from The Literature …

“Good heavens! Are you still carrying that girl? I put her down ages ago …”


If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken

    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools …

have yourself a nice troll—
Web Troll.jpg

*  Are you really sure you don’t want to buy a great Oz bridge, cheap?


4 thoughts on “I LOVE IT

    1. Hah! You didn’t “click on any troll”, did you … or perhaps the advice didn’t show up on your viewer. I just checked, the trolls are still active links. But as a lengthy shortcut, you could try this:


      Simple common-sense says that this is pure conjecture and nothing else, no? But simple common-sense would also baldy bellow that the US government would never (R) never allow anyone to clobber its ‘sitting duck’ fleet peacefully festering in harbour either … on a Sunday, too. Damned heathens …


  1. Ye gods … WP still edits out my spacing. (Try again, this time with invisible dots instead of the original spaces …)


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