or otherwise. In this instance, otherwise. We’re talking ownership, which is the ‘sole discretion of usage and disposal of an asset‘.

pcIn brief: in town yesterday I chatted with a man and his lovely wife who showed me through the professional part of their premises, a studio they are running as a semi-museum tribute to a man long dead. After viewing I left with a mind to find out more about the guy who was out of touch with the realities of his day—by Victorian standards arguably insane but quite harmless with it. I sensed the presence of a kindred spirit …


of a very brief web-search I galloped through digitised pages of the newspapers of his day and found references to the Maori and the mores of the times; which got me again to thinking about ownership/possession. It reinforces the notion—

You ‘own’ only that

which you can hold by force

against ALL comers


—and it becomes more important with every passing day. The American Indian was dispossessed by deliberate campaigns of force of arms—no ancestral rights or ‘custom and usage’ there; quite unpleasant in fact.

In New Zealand the Maori owned the place by simple (and vehemently denied) expedient of killing and gobbling the original owners; apparently peaceful and living in harmony with their lands they were no match for the savagery of the invading Maori coming from the north by sea.

The Maori was replaced as dominant power (owner) by the Pakeha, a white-skinned race from the other side of the world. After a few brief skirmishes they got together and thrashed out a deal, the place would come under Pakeha Law and everyone would be pals (with no more popping anyone off for the stewpot).


So one of the reasons the Maori lost his lands and ancestral rights was because he was impotent militarily in the face of ongoing floods of newcomers. So?


that ‘we’ set up in good faith.

I look now to Europe, especially Scandinavia, Germany, Britain and other ‘civilised’ nations where ‘democracy’ rules. Hee hoo …

… hee hoo has the greater numbers in a democracy holds the power and (regardless~!) sets the rules.


and quite shamelessly I introduce a pet peeve—the Islamic invader. Native birthrates in Europe have fallen and with them native prosperity; the way of life is at risk unless the workforce can be replaced. So?

So some very clever folks in high places opened the doors of Europe to peoples of entirely different cultures in the hopes of averting what—for them—would be a disaster. They are importing Islamists (much higher birthrates) in huge numbers. So?


do we know about Islam? In the first instance Islam is THE great religion of love, compassion, peace, and tolerance. (Any living Islamist will tell you that) (they don’t tell you that if born/inducted into Islam your only alternative is to stay Islamic or die.)


and happy to stop here whilst I await your squawks of outrage. In the meantime here’s a couple of snaps of Joseph Hannan’s place in Invercargill, a contemporary-ish image and one I scored just yesterday—

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 07.06.09.png

—time marches on and things change, no? For the better? Your call …

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 07.07.42.png








6 thoughts on “POSSESSION

  1. Hello Argus. This is my first time on your blog. I liked the color photo, I like buildings with style and catch the eye. I was not sure what you were trying to say in the post but maybe you wanted to spark a conversation? My grandfather told me a couple things I have thought important. He told me never fall in love with something someone else can own, such as a car or a home. He also told me the only thing a person has that no one can take from them was their honor. My grandfather’s word was his bond, it was important to him. He lived his life with as much honor as he could manage. I think he is correct, with enough force someone could take even my body from me, my life , all that I have except that immaterial thing we hold valuable, my honor.

    I was going to not address this as I did not know if it was what you meant about Islam, but no religion is a religion of peace if they have the power of the state. Any country that is a theocracy will have an abusive corrosive religion. Countries that have strict separation of church and state where the different religions are subject to secular laws then all religions are religions of peace. Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your grandfather was, I think, a wise man.
      Honor? Just as no-one can force you to love him or her, where honour is concerned the only opinion of me that really matters is my own—would that all feel this way, then they might stop desperately trying to gain their ‘self worth’ from others. But that ain’t gonna happen …

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  2. Wow, Scottie~!
    And welcome to the Argus world where nothing really is quite what it seems, sarcasm takes over where satire falls away and I’m very happy to misquote out of context if it will help make my point.
    Religious folks often say that “God is my refuge” but lacking any gods I take refuge in humour, and it’s all the more delightful if the butt doesn’t recognise the fact—but I always try to be gentle with the innocent. Peace …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Here in the state’s religious groups can now interfere with politics with no fear of repercussions for breaking the laws. So much for separation of church and state. These same groups try to force their doctrine on others as their right, but scream persecution and denial of their rights if they are not allowed to take the rights away from others. I never thought it would come to this in my country. I do not know how to deal effectively to reverse this trend. As long as they play the victim while victimizing others people will have sympathy for them and support them. It is a sad long road that got us to the place we are, and it is a dark desolate place. Hugs


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