By Hydra I don’t mean a formal criminal/mainstream institution, an organised mob of self-serving altruists pursuing their own ends around the globe and down through the generations.  I mean simply the universal human tendency for self-service; self-service most often concealed behind an ‘altruistic’ mask.

Beware the Hydra —>

But don’t fret—it isn’t coming soon to a place near you …

… it’s already here.


may we gather about the below item that triggers the Hydra hackles on this old dog’s neck?

FIRST my disclaimer: No 2 pyramid of G.png

I’d never heard of this writer/source before and have no idea of the reliability of facts provided other than

(a) some of them I already know, and

(b) I’m not impressed that he/she seems to have gotten it a wee bit wrong with the attribution of this snap.


if you go there and read it through you’ll find that it asks questions I often ask. Small world, ain’t it? The issue is that the Egyptians are making a goodly buck from their antiquities, which—pyramids especially—they claim were created by Egyptians.

I doubt very much that four millennia back there were any ‘Egyptians’; but the issue now is that there are two schools of thought on the date of that Creation—convention had it that the pyramids were created back then by herds of men and lots of whips. But even convention can change and the fashionable ‘consensus’ now is that the herds of men weren’t slaves at all but cheery volunteers and stuff. (Whips optional?)

The unconvention is that the GP of E (the so called Khufu Pyramid, the biggie) was in fact created thousands of years earlier. Brrrr.

Having read/viewed/etc widely on the topic I am very firmly in the latter camp; which still leaves the arguments unresolved: who exactly created the GP of E, when, how, and why? The damned masterpiece was never signed—but if it were, and with paint, the paint could be scientifically dated, no? Such science applied under the most scrupulous of conditions would resolve the issues, no?

No …

First we’d need a sample of signature paint.

And it would have to be unarguably genuine. That ain’t gonna happen. Not while the nice Establishment folks are in control and very very nervous about their milch cow.

I’m getting wordy—but if you are interested why not just toddle along to this reference:  CLICK ME  … and get a vague idea?

As for our cute little Hydra, I’ll explain a bit more later. (Sufficient unto the day…)


Cerberus & Hydra



3 thoughts on “THE HYDRA

    1. Equally bound not to, only more so. Unless the balances of power shift—can’t see that happening. There are schools of thought claim that the wee cartouche from which that illicit paint ‘sample’ was ‘purloined’ was added by Vyse in the late 1800s, seeking his own immortality.

      If so, genuine scientific analysis (without destroying the whole bloody thing~!) would solve it once and for all. Ain’t gonna happen … not until The Old Oder Changeth, yielding place to obectivism … but that may put an awesome amount of university degrees in Archaeology/divinity/Noddy books at risk. Oops …

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course I’m sour. I’d really like to know but the clock is ticking and the nice folks in charge don’t want to risk their Milch Cows. They have more time than me, damn them …


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