on the web. It has a certain resonance, a Jenny say kwa that will cause the average  modern punter to recoil in shock-horror-dismay; so—


not PC 2


We live in a country called Daftland

The England we knew is no more

Where sensible people do ludicrous things

Or risk breaking some Daftland law.

In Daftland we’ve police dogs with muzzles

Less the villain has cause to complain

And to steal from a shop and say ‘sorry’

Means you’re free with no stain to your name.

You’d better leave lights on in buildings

When you lock up and go home at night

’cause the burglars might hurt themselves entering

And there’s no way you’ll be in the right.

When speaking be wary in Daftland

As some terms that you’ve used all your life

Now have connotations unintended

And you’ll end up in all sorts of strife.

We elect politicians in Daftland

To give us the laws of the land

Yet eight laws in ten now come from abroad

The whole thing has got out of hand.

The borders are open in Daftland

And of migrants there’s no keeping track

Just a few of the thousands illegally here

Will ever be caught and sent back.

The exception to this is the hero

Who fought for this land in the war

He’s old and he’s sick, he might cost us a bit

So he’s not welcome here no more.

When the history is written of Daftland

Historians may just recall

That the craziest people in Daftland

Are the public who put up with it all …


—make of it what you will. Here, have another image gleaned from the web (from the website of a damned cynic I believe may now be a bit deceased) (but he was too damned real to live long anyway; I use his image to honour his memory)—


—and for social comment it’s a work of pure genius.




4 thoughts on “I CAME ACROSS THIS

    1. Never read it, but from the very brief excerpts (yay Google!) it looks like the oft used intro into the topic of dimensions, which leads us further into the reaches of Time (as a dimension).

      I use that myself to help demonstrate why even the Almighty Himself/s is unable to break free (hence has no free will either) … but sadly no Christian or other enthusiast has ever taken me up on it. Or ever will, for that matter … mutter mutter mutter …

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