so make the most of it.

turk-eAnd remember that greatest of all homilies—

“Those turkeys who don’t remember the lessons of the past are condemned to repeat them”*

— gobble gobble gobble (etc, as infinitem) (you know how it goes):

The Trump Administration’s declaration of war on whistleblowers and Wikileaks is one of the greatest disappointments in these first 100 days. Donald Trump rode into the White House with promises that he would “drain the swamp,” meaning that he would overturn the apple carts of Washington’s vested interests. By unleashing those same vested interests on those who hold them in check – the whistleblowers and those who publish their revelations – he has turned his back on those who elected him.

Julian Assange, along with the whistleblowers who reveal to us the evil that is being done in our name, are heroes. They deserve our respect and admiration, not a prison cell. If we allow this president to declare war on those who tell the truth, we have only ourselves to blame.

To read more:  CLICK HERE

Donald who?

Don’t ask — just duck.

And always remember: YOU voted for him them.

A vote for anyone was and always is a vote not for the charismatic oaf-of-the-day but for The System.

So I am pure and as blameless as the driven snow—


—and I never shall.

Oafs come and go, they carpe their diem and last as long as shadows but The System is eternal. You, poor clever little well-intended voting dupe … ain’t gonna change it.


* Dammit, I don’t do a very good American accent, but hopefully you get the message. In the meantime it’s word association time:

Q:  What do we all associate with the word ‘Donald’?

A:    … … Duck … …

(Bugger, I was going to switch now to rhyming slang but at this point I’ll give it all away.)

Now, Voter, go enjoy the fruits of your labours:   you deserve them.

5 thoughts on “HOMILY TIME

      1. In all seriousness, one really can’t lay that much blame at the feet of Trump. It’s not as if he hasn’t flaunted his ignorance and arrogance on the box for years.
        The US voters knew more or less exactly what they were getting when they marked their ballot papers.

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      2. A protest vote is in theory against the disliked … in fact no vote is ever against The System—only ever for it regardless of the names on the ballot papers.


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