Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 20.27.23

recently on what was to my uneducated (and deeply suspicious) eye a ‘mystery’ aircraft making a pass at Invercargill.

This morning whilst trying to find out (I gave up in the end) how to contact the New Zealand MetService to point out that their rain radars weren’t working properly (and haven’t been for days) I somehow happened across this—

—and having viewed it I wonder if the two are perhaps somehow related?

As for the Met folks—I did try to let them know but after jumping through electronic hoops for ages, almost to the point of what colour knickers The Spouse wears when feeding the birds and at what times … I gave up.

But for anyone interested, this is all their rain radars have been showing us in the Chch and Southland catchments for days:

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 08.44.17.png

—but I dare say it’s all down to an act of God. God has been keeping tiny bands of rain in the same places for days, and who would I be to figure the likes of He?

As for letting the principals know:



4 thoughts on “MYSTERY AIRCRAFT

    1. Thanks, John — very much appreciated~! That’s the beast, complete down to the blaze on the tailfin. At the time I didn’t see any wording, but was fighting the stabilisers in the camera at extreme telephoto range—only got my shots opportunistically as the line of sight crossed the target. (Got lots of nice sky, though~!)


      1. Sometimes we visit them and sometimes they visit us. It’s always blamed on ANZUS or wotever ties us to make our obeisance and tribute to the US empire. Watch this space …


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