and ricochetting screaming into the far far distance from the ears of the unthinking—

The European Union evolved, devolved actually, from basically a free trade pact among a few countries to a giant, dysfunctional, overreaching bureaucracy. Free trade is an excellent idea. However, you don’t need to legislate free trade; that’s almost a contradiction in terms. A free trade pact between different governments is unnecessary for free trade. An individual country interested in prosperity and freedom only needs to eliminate all import and export duties, and all import and export quotas. When a country has duties or quotas, it’s essentially putting itself under embargo, shooting its economy in the foot. Businesses should trade with whomever they want for their own advantage.

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—and qualifying in all respects for the classic Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 08.16.10.png

Or not.

YOU are a voter, no?

What do YOU think?

Go with flow?

Free Trade?


Far better to put everything under the control of the experts (that means politicians, Bub) (you know: professionals!) who know what they’re doing. Lenin did it and dragged his nation from monarchy into modern timesy. Stalin improved on it, and He won the Second World War (even if he did have to import a few bits and pieces)(‘needs must’ sometimes).

Don’t forget, it’s coming soon to a nation like you … actually, for many, it already has. Don’t you feel better being regulated, and knowing exactly who to please if you want anything?

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir … will you buy me an ice cream, please?”

“Sure kiddo … do you have form USBG 112-345-9535 filled out in triplicate, and is your ration-book up to date, and can you handle the six week wait?”



“Please don’t bother …”



5 thoughts on “OUT OF THE MOUTHS

  1. I know little about economics, other than it pisses me of when the price of oil drops but I still seem to be paying more or less the same for petrol.
    However, in a country like China where they can manufacture things that sometimes last an entire weekend without breaking and pay the average worker two bowls of rice and as much rice wine as he /she can drink, the term Free Trade suddenly includes the workers and this doesn’t seem right when up against a local manufacturer who pays his workers considerably over and above a living wage, and strives to make stuff that won’t break down or shrink or run or fall apart after three washes.

    It was opening up our borders to Chinese imports that almost wiped out local clothing industry and Guv’ment had to step in after they realized they had signed away the livelihood of thousands of local workers with Chinese trade agreements.

    It was noted by some wag at the time that SA opened her borders from the waist down and was soon screwed silly.

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    1. Free markets adjust themselves. Commerce becomes elections, every purchase is a vote—if you buy a cheapie that falls to bits after the second wash, you are voting for cheapies that fall to bits after the second wash.

      Business folks are in business for fun, or profit (hopefully both) and their costs mostly come out of their profits—if they see that el cheapos are selling but las goodas aren’t … they (just like you would) produce el cheapos, and so stay in business.

      The answer to such disgusting practices is to involve the government in every (R) every transaction … which is exactly what ol’ Lenin and his buddies tried to do. Not too many Soviets around these days …
      The freeer (more free!) the Market, the more successful.
      The more controlled, the more yeuch. (Did you ever see my post with pictures of the ‘one hundred trillion dollars’ notes?) (Every man, woman, child a trillionaire~boom boom!)

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      1. Er … this ain’t no first world New Zealand over here, y’know. Check where SA lies on the Most Corrupt Nations list.
        A Free Market SA is an oxymoron, and I’ll bet you’ll find this is true of many countries.
        And for the record, wherever I am able I never buy Chinese. These days, all my stuff is made on Hong Kong.
        Except my car which is Eyetalian.

        I used to buy SA but to find a pair of socks or trousers or underpants with an SA label is impossible. Or at the very least I have never such an item.
        Did you know we even import our frakking garlic from China!!!
        In fact, half the world buys garlic from them. And because of import regulations the stuff is nuked or something so’s it won’t contaminate local foodstuffs.
        This has the marvelous bonus of rendering them unusable … as in not able to plant the things and grow more, apparently. Don’t even work on vampires or Jacob Zuma.

        So while I am all for a Free Market, there is a slight Chink in the Armour.(sic)

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      2. Any exchange between consenting adults with no external involvements is ‘free market’ — it’s only when the man with the gun takes his cut, or tells you how to do it, that you get screwed.


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