They used to have a name for folks like this—pc

“Short of using nuclear weapons, the US would be faced with mounting a major invasion of mountainous North Korea, something for which it is today unprepared.  It took the US six months to assemble a land force in Saudi Arabia just to attack feeble Iraq.  Taking on the tough North Korean army and militia in their mountain redoubts will prove a daunting challenge.

US analysts have in the past estimated a US invasion of North Korea would cost some 250,000 American casualties and at least $10 billion, though I believe such a war would cost four times that much today.  The Army, Air Force and Marines would have to mobilize reserves to wage a war in Korea.  Already overstretched US forces would have to be withdrawn from Europe and the Mideast.  Military conscription might have to be re-introduced …”

—and in times of emergency they could be rounded up and slammed away somewhere very unpleasant, without trial.

Hah~! They should send him to Gitmo, specially rendit him (no-one need ever know) and all would be sweetness and light—are you listening, Mister Trump?

“Mr Argus! Sir!”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir—Donald is doing the best he can—”

“—to stay alive, Kid?”

“… … … … ooooooh … … Sir, you’re impossible!”

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 19.40.43

“Daft, I call it …”




2 thoughts on “WHO IS THIS

    1. What I especially admire—the Jews have a word for it*—is the way he’s done a complete about-face, and all with a bright cheerful grin and absolutely no sign of discomfort …

      * Think ‘chutzpah’

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