CURIOUSER … buitre16

You may remember that a year or two back I posted on a UFO-type thingy, an artefact of some kind that shouldn’t have been in my photo of a church steeple in Windsor (in Invercargill, not the real one in England).


The Spouse had to do get something done so we went to Windsor to do it. While she was in the place intimidating staff I lurked outside and saw a flying weirdie making an approach on the nearby Invercargill airport. The flight path goes right over Windsor and this bugger, a large twin engined commercial jet type with an unusual paint scheme (no makings, sort of grey/buff semi-gloss more military than commercial) (and an even more unusual large longitudinally mounted ‘thing’ on top) was letting down to land. At about (my guess) five hundred feet he applied take-off power and soared back up again.

I thought he was new here and was sussing the place out with an approach and another circuit before committing himself to a landing; but no, he just swung around to the north and was obviously vacating. On a whim I pulled out the camera (the Canon, great zoom on it) and tried to centre the bugger. I kept losing him so every time he appeared in the viewfinder I snapped a shot. Got lots of lovely empty frames, but when looking at them tonight I noticed in one frame an anomaly (which using just iPhoto I then tried to do something with)—


Yes, this is all I got in this snap—no explanation for that blob.

This next is one of the lucky ones where my fight with the stabiliser coincided with an actual ‘hit’ on the target—

2 .png

this is he

And this is that, enhanced a bit and zoomed in on by cropping a little—

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 23.04.28.png

tweaked a bit

And I’ve just noticed another artefact, above and very slightly astern of the top of his tail, in much the same position but not quite as the previous shot.

Moving on, here’s that first shot again, now enlarged and enhanced and tweaked—

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 23.10.03.png

—and here’s (below) a variation of the same:

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 23.09.35.png

I’m open to any suggestions that don’t involve little green men … here’s the details of one of the shots, but I don’t know how accurate that time is—we’ve just changed from summer time to NZ standard time, I have no idea if I’d altered the clock in the camera when we went the other way. I suspect not and think this is actually accurate—

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 23.05.05.png

I’ll check it out tomorrow. Right now she’s bimbled off to bed and I’m about to follow. (I always give her a head start—I like living dangerously, it’s a huge waterbed and if I wake her up there’ll be hell to pay. Boom boom! Brrrrr …)





6 thoughts on “CURIOUS, AND

    1. It’s not the sort of camera that the lens comes off, and I see/saw no sign of it in other shots—but it certainly sounds credible. I’ll keep an eye out for it again in any of my other and future shots. Thanks for that suggestion.


      1. I realised it wasn’t an SLR.. We have a Sony Cyber Shot as well as the Canon, and I looked at it just now. I don’t know how muck could enter the camera,Argus, and I am no fundy in this regard. Maybe it is a mark on the screen or the viewfinder?
        Th folks at a camera shot must have this ‘problem’ crop up on a fairly regular basis I’ll bet?


      2. I had a play with the second shot (the one that shows the whole of the unusual aircraft) and expanded it hugely. The ‘spot’ slightly astern of vertically not far above the fin blows up into what looks like a metallic ball, it’s even ‘top lit’.

        You can do the same (if on a big screen) and see for yourself. I’ll have a ‘go for broke’ play with all the bells and whistles and see; if anything happens worthwhile I’ll post again.


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