and all I do this time is give you a few quotes to read—

Number one is his assumption that the trend of higher college costs is going to continue to a totally unaffordable level. In fact, the cost/benefit ratio of going to college is already so out of whack that the whole system has to change radically. A college degree, even now, is of only marginal value; most everybody has one. And things that everybody has are devalued. You’re quite correct that colleges and universities today are dead ducks as businesses. Unless you’re going to learn a trade, like doctoring or lawyering, or you’re going for science, engineering, or math, where you need the formal discipline and where you need lab courses, it’s a total misallocation, even a waste of money to go to college today.

So I applaud the fact that all these colleges and universities are dead men walking, that they’re all going to go bankrupt. They are totally overrun and infested with cultural Marxists and progressives, militant leftists that are propagandizing kids with absolutely the wrong kind of values. It’s astonishing that parents are willing to pay even today’s prices to subject their kids to four years of indoctrination. So I’m glad that they’re all going bankrupt.

Justin: But don’t you need a college education to get ahead in life?

Doug: It’s not necessary to go to college. You’re likely to be corrupted, and indebt yourself like an indentured servant for many years to come. The question is: Do you want an education, or do you just want a piece of paper that says you logged the time in a classroom?

—and then you can go to source (CLICK HERE) after which you can ponder a few thoughts.

For myself I had to recheck the meaning of the word ‘singularity’. I found one of the offerings to be “etc etc etc infinitely dense etc etc etc”. So it was appropriate—but I leave it to you to figure how.


He also offers an alternative to ‘college’. I’m off soon to check it. I may even get hooked. Can an old dog learn new tricks? The esoteric world has long had a saying to the effect that “when the pupil is ready, the Master appears”. We’ll see … and some schools of Buddhism say “If you meet the Buddha on the road—kill him!” … which might point us in the direction of burning down (or at least purging) some of the ‘universities’.

Have I now offended thee,




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