but I came up with an interesting (and different) conclusion—

Isn’t it amazing. Washington imposes sanction package after sanction package on Russia, and Putin continues to sell Washington the rocket engines it needs to send up its spy satellites!!!!!

to read from source:  CLICK HERE

The clue was in the writer’s headline where you’ll find the word “insouciant”. Go and read, it’s not a long article, I’ll wait …


… oh. You’re back? (Wow … that didn’t take long~!)

So: did you ponder how the word ‘insoucian’t might well be applied? To Russia? Even in the face of the US ring closing around it?

If you still don’t get it, I’ll give a further clue:

What if you knew that you were holding a royal flush, and the guy you figured was holding a pair of aces was not merely bluffing but is blustering too?



a Chimera. (Cute wee beastie …)


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