the time has come to remake some points mentioned in a prescient post:

The English language was(once) a precision tool. Very adaptive, it could be used for analysis, transmission of genius, romance, and even escape. It had strict rules that made and kept it precise. Sadly, no more; now anything goes. Even simple spelling. (I get away with murder here, but it’s deliberate—I do no the difference.)


which should be the progressive bastion of liberal discipline has become taken over by manipulators. The authorities are now authoritarian, which is as Orwell/Huxley might have put it “Doubleplus ungood”.


Don’t ask.

You would get only glibly delivered outraged pap if you were to do so, from behind a full-frontal smile concealing the behind-the-scenes notebooks frantically scribbling your particulars. Expect a visit soon from the Thought Police (and let’s hope you are good at peeling onions) soon after. Less hassle to just ignore it all—you know, roll over onto your back, stick all four paws up in the air and say “Take me! I’m yours!”


take careful note of what is now acceptable (and before long will be compulsory)—


—taken from:

—and may your academic gods have mercy on your grammatical souls.

YOU, Sir, Madam, or Thing … are being manipulated.

It will get worse,




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